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FW: Forced moving of an Akha Hill tribe village in Thailand

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      Ann Popplestone
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      Subject: Forced moving of an Akha Hill tribe village in Thailand

      For anyone interested in the Akha Hill Tribe of North Thailand and the
      preservation to their right to live, land and their own traditions:


      Forced Move of An Akha Village of 78 Years!
      This is an urgent message and update about the forced move of an Akha
      This move is to occur January, end January, this year, NOW in a few weeks.
      Myself and one other visited the Akha village Huuh Mah Akha (thai
      pronunciation Huai Maak) in Ampour Mae Faluang District of Chiangrai
      The Thai personell at the village at the time said that the village was
      being forced to move because they were cutting down trees and poluting the
      water shed.
      The move was being ordered by the Thai Forestry Department and an office
      dealing with Watershed.
      As I have monitered this area often, I can see no proof of cutting of trees
      that could not be controlled, especially since non native pine is planted up
      all the way to the village on most sides of the valley, the valley, small
      valley walls being used for food and highly developed terraces, the terraces
      supplying most of the rice, making slash and burn not desired or much
      necessary. This village happens to have one of the most environmentaly
      friendly situations in the area, as they have put great effort into these
      terraces and to use a minimum of the land. Certainly forestry and water
      issues could be addressed without taking all that these people have invested
      in and owned all their life?
      What is very badly needed now is that anyone who can alert a
      to this situation should contact me, so that some arrangement could be
      made to come here and look at the situation. We contacted the Ampour
      office for Mae Faluang district in Chiangrai Province and were told
      the order came from Bangkok basically and that it was being backed up
      the Thai army. True to their word we found Thai army in the village today,
      with a truck and putting on a party before "the chicken's head is cut". The
      Thai civilians in the village said that no body was being forced to move
      that all the Akha present wanted to move to the tiny houses being built by
      generous Taiwanese people down the mountain on a steep hillside of a "new
      village" that will have little to no land for them to farm or place their
      animals and all investment will be lost. The Akha all present immediately
      sung out that this was not true at all and that none of them, not one,
      wanted to leave. Can you imagine being 55, having lived somewhere all your
      life, and your mom, and being told, hey, sorry, you are a non person, want
      identity cards in Thailand, well then you have to move. This is a move into
      poverty. Probability that these families will see their daughters go into
      prostitution is high. Having little resource once the land is gone. The
      boys as well may very likely enter into the drug trade to make up the
      difference. The cost in social welfare to the Akha and the Thai government
      will also be high. In addition if trees and watershed are going to be the
      set method of determining if a village gets moved then the real goal must be
      that all the Akha villages get moved out of the mountains into the flat
      lands, into ghettos if you will, landless, labor class for the Thais, as is
      the case in many places already.
      Many have asked what they can do.
      Well, we are really in need of some reporters to come here and look at this,
      and any other people that can be observers. I know that few can come, that
      it is not easily possible to drop all and go, but at the same time it is not
      going to be easy to stop the move without there actually being people here
      to look at the situation, report back to their own countries governments,
      and make a presence to the village.
      The Akha involved, except for the land, have not much of anything, they are
      poor, are lucky to have temporary id cards issued the hill tribe and have no
      legal rights or recourse.
      All the Thais I spoke to said "sorry, it must happen" not to them of course.
      It is also recommended that you contact the nearest Thai embassy and equire
      politely what is going on. Do not be confrontive, but persistent and
      The name of the village is Huai Maak. It is a few kilometers on your map
      from a town called Haen Taek north of Doi Maesalong in Chiangrai Province,
      north Thailand.
      It is not the issue strictly of legality, but of humanity. If this is the
      cost of trees and water, we need it not.
      Huai Maak village latitude and longitude coordinates are:
      20degrees 13.31 N
      099degrees 34.49 E
      1053 meters

      Matthew McDaniel


      Matthew McDaniel
      The Akha Heritage Foundation
      386/3 Sailom Joi Rd
      Maesai, Chiangrai, 57130
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      4990 N. River Road.
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      ABA # 121000248

      Or In Thailand:
      Matthew Duncan McDaniel
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