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FW: Urgent Appeal!!!

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: Urgent Appeal!!!

      Appeal! Appeal! Appeal! Appeal! Appeal! Appeal! Appeal!

      I am writing to inform you that the city council of Schoeningen, Lower
      Saxony/Germany, is planning an archaeological research and exhibition center
      at one of the most important palaeolithic find spots in the world. The aim
      is to establish a museum combined with open-air display which focuses on the
      development of the landscape and its inhabitants through quaternary from the
      Elster glaciation until today.

      As you may know excavations of several Middle Pleistocene sites at the edge
      of the brown-coal mine of Schoeningen have produced thousands of
      well-preserved organic finds (!) including seventeen complete horse skulls
      and eight wooden spears with an age of ca. 400.000 years B. P. - so far the
      oldest hunting weapons of mankind!

      see Nature 385, 1997, 807-10

      or look at




      At this stage we are not sure if we will get the chance to carry out the
      project. Financial sponsors will have to be found and regional authorities
      will have to be convinced.

      If you are of the opinion that something has to be done soon to open that
      important archaeological site to the public...

      ...please do not hesitate to send a signed letter or an email to:

      Dr. des. Stephan A. L�tgert M. A.

      Project Development

      Research and Exhibition Centre Sch�ningen

      Box 1271

      D-38357 Sch�ningen



      luetgert@... <mailto:luetgert@...>

      We look forward to receiving your statements as soon as possible!

      Please inform your colleagues and friends, too.
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