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FW: 11th Annual Workshops in Archaeometry (fwd)

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      Subject: 11th Annual Workshops in Archaeometry (fwd)

      Contact information below! Hugh

      Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 12:53:36 -0500 (EST)
      From: Hex Kleinmartin <hfk@... <mailto:hfk@...>
      Subject: 11th Annual Workshops in Archaeometry

      Dear Colleague,

      The Archaeometry Research Graduate Group of the University at Buffalo would
      like to invite you to participate in the 11th Annual "Workshops in
      Archaeometry" Conference. In the past, the conference has been supported by
      the Department of Anthropology, the Canadian-American Studies Committee, and
      the Graduate Student Assembly. Last year's conference enjoyed great success
      thanks to the input and direction of those invited.
      The objectives for this conference are the same as they have always been:
      1) to provide an annual forum for the discussion of archaeometric
      research; 2) to expand current knowledge of the scope of archaeometric
      research; and 3) to expand collaborative efforts among scholars.

      The two day conference, to be held February 19th and 20th, 2000, will
      consist of four half-day work-shops. Participants will have the opportunity
      to present and discuss current research projects. Workshops will include an
      introduction by the session moderator, 30-40 minute informal presentation of
      research, and a period of open discussion. Ideas and concepts related to
      evolving research projects are especially encouraged. Formal papers are not
      necessary. A reception/dinner will follow the last work-shop session on
      We invite your suggestions and interests regarding the establishment of
      topics for the four work-shops. Please return the accompanying reply form by
      January 21st, 2000. We will make a follow-up announcement that includes
      information about accommodations, scheduling, and topics.
      We also request that you invite other faculty and graduate students who you
      think would be interested in, or would benefit from this type of forum. We
      look forward to hearing from you. If there are further questions please do
      not hesitate to contact us.

      Dr. Ezra Zubrow Hex Kleinmartin
      Professor of Anthropology ARGG Conference Director
      ARGG Faculty Advisor


      February 19th & 20th, 2000
      University at Buffalo

      Address ______________________________________________________________
      Phone _______________________ e-mail _____________________

      I will attend _____Sat. _____Sun.

      I will require _____will _____will not require overnight accommodations.
      NOTE: Due to budgetary constraints the Archaeometry Research Graduate Group
      will cover hotel costs only for those individuals giving presentations at
      the conference.
      I have talked to Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms. _____________________________ And we will
      be share a double room.
      _____Smoking _____Non-Smoking
      Professional interest, i.e. research interests

      While at the Workshop, _____I am, _____ I am not, interested in
      presenting a summery of my research on

      and will need a time block of _____30 min. _____40 min. and will require
      the following equipment:
      _____Overhead Projector _____Slide Projector _____Other
      Please return by January 22, 2000.
      PHONE: 716 645-2511, FAX: 716 645-3808

      Hex Kleinmartin hfk@...
      Archaeometry Research Graduate Group
      380 MFAC, Ellicott Complex
      SUNY at Buffalo, North Campus
      Buffalo, NY 14260


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