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FW: McGraw-Hill Online Catalog for Anthropology, Available Spring 2007

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      Subject: McGraw-Hill Online Catalog for Anthropology, Available Spring

      Dear Professor Popplestone,

      Discover McGraw-Hill's new and bestselling textbooks for your
      Anthropology courses listed below. To request complimentary desk copies
      there's no need to respond directly to this email -- simply visit our
      complete online catalog today at
      http://mhhe.com/dbm/rdr.pl?p=100000835384&a=4&s=1&c=37158 for:

      - Exam copy request forms
      - Tables of contents and details about the texts
      - Information on Instructor and Student ancillaries
      - Access to all current McGraw-Hill titles in the discipline

      Course: General Anthropology
      ANTHROPOLOGY: The Exploration of Human Diversity with Living
      Anthropology Student CD, Twelfth Edition
      Conrad Kottak
      0-07-331508-7 / 2008 / Softcover with CDROM
      Available Now!
      The new edition of Kottak's best selling text continues to offer a
      holistic introduction to anthropology that approaches the course from a
      four-field perspective. To emphasize anthropology's integrated and
      comparative nature, "Bringing It All Together" essays show how
      anthropology's sub-fields and dimensions combine to interpret and
      explain a common topic.

      Course: Cultural Anthropology
      Conrad Kottak
      0-07-331509-5 / 2008 / Softcover with CDROM
      Available Now!
      The new edition of Kottaks best selling text for cultural anthropology
      emphasizes anthropology's integrated and comparative nature with
      "Bringing It All Together" essays that show how anthropology's
      sub-fields and dimensions combine to interpret and explain a common
      topic. Another distinctive feature, "Understanding Ourselves,"
      illustrates the relevance of anthropological facts and theories to
      students' everyday lives.

      THINKING LIKE AN ANTHROPOLOGIST: A Practical Introduction to Cultural
      John Omohundro
      0-07-319580-4 / 2008 / Softcover / 352 pgs
      Available Now!
      This exciting new text teases out the common core of the cultural
      anthropological way of thinking, makes it explicit in a set of eleven
      questions, and uses those questions to enhance learning. Each question
      receives treatment in a brief chapter, accompanied by several exercises
      and classroom demonstrations.

      COURSE: Physical Anthropology
      Michael Alan Park
      0-07-353097-2 / 2008 / Softcover / 512 pgs
      Available Now!
      This concise introduction to biological anthropology discusses the core
      areas of the discipline within a unique framework modeled on the
      scientific method. The text emphasizes themes and theories: facts are
      presented as supportive evidence rather than dissociated pieces of

      BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: An Introductory Reader, Fifth Edition
      Michael Alan Park
      0-07-340519-1 / 2008 / Softcover / 256 pgs
      Available Now!
      This supplementary reader offers both historical and contemporary
      articles that demonstrate the significant contributions made by
      biological anthropology. With nearly a third of the selections focusing
      on living populations, the 42 articles cover the entire range of
      bioanthropological studies: evolution, nonhuman primates, human
      paleontology, and modern human groups.

      Agustin Fuentes
      0-07-325898-9 / 2007 / Softcover with access card / 416 pgs
      Available Now!
      Written by a professor who has spent eleven years teaching and
      practicing biological anthropology and who takes care to relate its
      significance to everyday life, this new text focuses on central
      contemporary issues: genetics and genomics, "natural" behavior,
      evolution, and human variation.

      Thank you for your interest in these McGraw-Hill Titles. We hope you
      will order one of them for your students!

      Lori DeShazo
      Marketing Manager, Anthropology
      McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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