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FW: Conferences and Meetings in December 1999 - short list

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      Subject: Conferences and Meetings in December 1999 - short list

      My apologies for cross posting to several lists.
      If you wish to suggest links for 2000 or 2001 conferences and meetings -
      from worldwide - please send details by email to me at <
      neighbors@... <mailto:neighbors@...> > to be posted on
      the respective web pages. To be included, the conference or meeting must be
      related to anthropology, archaeology or history topics.
      Conferences Worldwide - in 2000
      http://anthro.org/conf2000.htm <http://anthro.org/conf2000.htm>
      2000 is beginning to fill up

      Conferences Worldwide - in 2001
      http://anthro.org/conf2001.htm <http://anthro.org/conf2001.htm>
      2001 is just beginning

      I look forward to suggestions for 2000 and 2001.
      Please see below for December 1999.
      Warm regards,
      Wayne Neighbors, Ph.D.
      President, Vee Ring Ltd
      neighbors@... <mailto:neighbors@...>
      http://anthro.org/index.htm <http://anthro.org/index.htm>
      http://anthro.org/paleo/index.html <http://anthro.org/paleo/index.html>
      (new - limited content)

      Closing out 1999, below are some selected meetings.
      Make the link below and scroll down to December 1999 for active links to
      these web presentations, and where web presentation were unknowns or not
      available, at least the contact information is available.
      December 1999
      http://anthro.org/conf1999.htm <http://anthro.org/conf1999.htm>

      Where Worlds Collide:
      Faunal and floral migrations and evolution in SE Asia-Australasia
      International Conference at UNE Asia Centre - UNEAC
      venue: The University of New England
      Armidale, NSW, Australia
      29 November through 2 December 1999

      An international Wetlands Archaeology Conference - WARP
      venue: Gainesville, Florida, USA
      1 through 5 December 1999

      German Middle East Studies Association - DAVO
      Sixth Annual Congress
      venue: Haus Rissen, Hamburg, Germany
      2 through 4 December 1999

      Disaster Recovery for Museums
      venue: Newport News, Virginia, USA
      3 December 1999

      7th Sri Lanka Studies Conference
      venue: Canberra, Australia
      3 through 6 December 1999

      Amarna: A Thirty-four Year Legacy
      An Egyptological Symposium
      venue: Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
      Boston, Massachusetts, USA
      4 December 1999

      The 4th International Conference on Forensic Statistics
      venue: North Carolina State University
      Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
      5 through 8 December 1999

      Millennium Conference on Environmental Education
      and Communication - MC-ECOM
      venue: "virtual conference" - see site for details
      coordinated by the
      European Environmental Education Newsletter - EEEN
      9 through 10 December 1999

      Australian Archaeological Association - AAA99
      host: Centre for Archaeology at
      University of Western Australia, Nedlands, WA
      venue: Mandurah Gates Resort
      Mandurah, Western Australia
      9 through 11 December 1999

      International Experimental Archeology: Results and Prospects
      Centre for Archaeology by Experiment - CAST
      venue: Turin, Italy
      9 through 12 December 1999

      New Approaches to the Archaeology of Art, Religion and Folklore
      A Permeability of Boundaries
      A Conference Organised by Post-Graduates from
      venue: Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton
      Highfield, Southampton, UK
      11 through 12 December 1999

      Theoretical Archaeology Group - TAG 99
      venue: Department of History and Archaeology
      Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales
      14 through 17 December 1999

      The Palaeontological Association
      43rd Annual Meeting
      venue: University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
      19 through 20 December 1999

      Joint Annual Meetings
      venue: Dallas, Texas, USA
      27 through 30 December 1999
      1) Archaeological Institute of America - AIA
      2) American Society of Papyrologists - ASP
      3) American Philological Association - APA

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