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FW: Symposium and Program in Cuba

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      Subject: Symposium and Program in Cuba


      The Center for Development Studies (CDS) and la Facultad Latinoamericana de
      Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Programa Cuba, are sponsoring an international
      symposium on "The State of Social and Economic Thought: Marxist, Third World
      and Feminist Perspectives" in Havana, Cuba from June 7 to June 9, 2000.

      The international symposium seeks an interchange and reflection among social
      scientists and historians from various countries on themes related to the
      situation of global revolutionary movements in light of recent developments
      in the world economy. The symposium is calling for presentations on the
      themes of the world economy, including new imperialist strategies, and/or
      movements of social change from the perspectives of the national and
      international movements of workers and women as well as Third World national
      liberation movements. Also, the symposium will have interchanges among
      Cubans and scientists of various countries focusing on the dominant currents
      in their particular disciplines (economics, sociology, political science or
      history) in their particular countries. The organizers solicit proposals
      related to these themes. The symposium will be bilingual and presentations
      can be made in English or Spanish.

      The conference will be preceded by an educational program,
      "Peripheralization and National Liberation in Cuba," that includes two
      components. (1) Prior to travel to Cuba, there will be an eight-week program
      from March 19 to May 12 of reading and electronic discussion among group
      participants, including reading on Cuban history and the Cuban electoral and
      political system. (2) Upon arrival in Cuba, there will be a nine-day
      experiential program in Havana from May 27 to June 6 (or participants may
      select an abbreviated educational program from June 3 to June 6). The
      experiential program includes activities such as visits to an urban
      neighborhood, to the national office of the Federation of Cuban Women, to
      scientific research centers, schools and hospitals and centers of health as
      well as lectures by the faculty of FLACSO on the project of the Cuban
      Revolution, women in Cuba, the political process, rural development and the
      special period. Many lectures are tied to an experience. For example, a
      visit to a popular council follows a presentation at the university
      concerning the political process in Cuba. There will be English and Spanish
      versions of the electronic discussion, and the experiential program will be

      For more information on the program, contact Charles McKelvey at
      mckelvey@... <mailto:mckelvey@...> .
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