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COSWA Workshop: Pathways to Becoming a Practicing Anthropologist

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  • Tara Hefferan
    Colleagues, Please distribute the following Workshop announcement. Note that this special event is NOT included on the AAA preliminary program s workshop
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2006
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      Please distribute the following Workshop announcement. Note that this
      "special event" is NOT included on the AAA preliminary program's workshop

      Apologies for cross-postings.

      Tara L. Hefferan, Ph.D.
      Visiting Assistant Professor
      Department of Sociology and Anthropology
      Alma College
      614 W. Superior St.
      Alma, MI 48801
      Ph: 989-463-7186
      Email: hefferan at alma.edu


      COSWA Workshop
      Pathways To Becoming A Practicing Anthropologist
      Sponsored by AAA Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology

      DATE: 11/17/2006 (Friday)
      TIME: 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM
      ROOM: Meeting Room B4-Concourse-San Jose McEnery Convention Center
      COST: Free

      Do you have an interest in working outside the academy? Have you had
      trouble finding practical resources within your department? Would you like
      the opportunity to connect with like-minded students and professionals? The
      Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology (COSWA) is sponsoring a
      special Workshop, where practicing anthropologists will discuss, and address
      questions from participants, regarding training, opportunities, and
      experiences of women in numerous realms of practitioner anthropology,
      including human rights work, forensic anthropology, archaeology and the
      corporate world. Discussion among participants is encouraged. Both
      students and professionals with interests in practitioner anthropology are
      invited to attend. No pre-registration is necessary.

      Workshop Leaders

      Rita Denny (Practica Group, LLC) specializes in American consumer culture,
      focusing on culturally based meanings of products and services in everyday
      life, applying these findings to advertising positioning, new product and
      brand development, and corporate communication strategies. Her projects have
      included a focus on dogs and their owners, book and music lovers, the
      integration of hi-tech into home life, the metaphors of computing, the
      culture of drugs, meanings of health and the culture of corporate giving.
      She, often with Patricia Sunderland, has written about ethnographic methods
      and the challenges of doing anthropology in consumer research for audiences
      as diverse as commercial practice, academic marketing and anthropology.

      Teresita Majewski, Ph.D., RPA is chief operating officer of Statistical
      Research, Inc., a cultural resources consulting firm with offices throughout
      the western United States and Canada. She is also an associate research
      professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Arizona,
      where she teaches classes in historical archaeology. For many years, she has
      been active in working with graduate students and young professionals to
      help them learn the skills necessary to bridge the gap between academic
      training in anthropology and careers as practicing anthropologists.

      Victoria Sanford is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Lehman College,
      City University of New York. She is the author of Buried Secrets: Truth
      and Human Rights in Guatemala (2003), Violencia y Genocidio en Guatemala
      (2003), and La Masacre de Panzós (2006) as well as co-editor (with Asale
      Angel-Ajani) of Engaged Observer: Anthropology, Advocacy and Activism
      (2006). She has conducted field research on human rights, displacement,
      women's human rights, and child soldiers in Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador,
      Nicaragua, El Salvador and South Africa.

      In this workshop, Dr. Sanford will draw on her experience as an engaged
      observer conducting human rights research with national and international
      NGOs to discuss career pathways available to anthropologists outside of

      Heather Walsh-Haney is a forensic anthropologist and visiting instructor at
      Florida Gulf Coast University, in the College of Professional Studies,
      Department of Justice Studies and full member of the American Academy of
      Forensic Sciences. As a DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operations Response Team)
      member, she participated in the recovery of victims from the World Trade
      Center attacks and Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, she is the consulting
      anthropologist for the Bermuda Special Crimes Task Force and Florida Medical
      Examiner Districts 3, 4, 5, 20 and 21, as well as a Mummy Investigator with
      Discovery Channel’s show Mummy Autopsy. As a mummy investigator, she has
      examined ancient remains from Egypt, Scotland and the Wild West. Lastly, she
      helped to create and has taught short courses entitle Bugs, Bones, and
      Botany© for forensic practitioners, students, and teachers for nearly 10
      years. She has co-authored the edited volume, The Forensic Anthropology
      Laboratory with Michael W. Warren for CRC Press.

      For additional information please contact co-organizers Patricia Wattenmaker
      (paw3u@...) or Tara Hefferan (heffera2@...).
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