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    I received the following email. I think it would be great for us to get involved! Since I can t send attachments this way, anyone who would like to see the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2006
      I received the following email. I think it would be great for us to get
      involved! Since I can't send attachments this way, anyone who would like to
      see the document should email me (rls@...) and I will send it to
      you directly. Any objections to putting them on our agenda in San Jose for
      the Business Meeting?


      ANSS: Anthropology and Sociology Section
      Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
      Instruction and Information Literacy Committee

      September 13, 2006

      TO: AAA Annual Meeting Program committee (section members)
      Luke Eric Lassiter, General Anthropology Division
      Perry Gilmore, Council on Anthropology and Education
      Rebecca L. Stein-Frankle, Society for Anthropology in Community

      FROM: Susan Macicak and Triveni Kuchi

      Representing the Anthropology and Sociology Section of the Association of
      College & Research Libraries, we have a request that we hope will intrigue
      you at least a little. A committee has drafted a document (attached)
      describing the research skills and information competencies needed by
      students and scholars in anthropology and sociology. Its goals and
      potential applications are spelled out in the document. We need to know
      what anthropologists think of what we have written.

      The American Sociological Association distributed our draft to their
      membership in July 2006 and we have begun to receive some invaluable
      comments from sociologists. We are looking for a similar way to connect
      with the AAA membership. We are sending this to you as people involved in
      making plans for the upcoming AAA conference in San Jose, and who represent
      AAA groups most likely to be interested in the draft. The input of
      anthropology faculty and working anthropologists is essential to the success
      of our final product.

      Patti Caravello, a librarian involved in the writing of the draft is
      planning to attend the AAA conference in November. If she could be on the
      agenda of one or more group meetings, she could engage in a brief discussion
      of the draft with members present to gather comments and answer questions.
      Perhaps you could distribute the draft to the group members or other
      interested anthropologists for comments by email and in preparation for open
      discussion at the conference.

      Please let us know at your earliest convenience whether email distribution
      of the draft and an informal appearance of our committee representative at
      your AAA meeting will be possible. Please respond to the committee
      co-chairs listed below. Thank you!


      Instruction and Information Literacy Committee
      Anthropology and Sociology Section

      Triveni Kuchi, Rutgers University, Co-Chair <mailto:kuchi@...>
      Susan Macicak, University of Texas at Austin, Co-Chair
      <mailto:macicak@...> <macicak@...>

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