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[SACC-L] Re: Advice?

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  • anthony balzano
    Barry, These look great. Congratulations on getting them posted for everyone to see. Actually, I was looking for the ones from Seattle and couldn t find
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 31, 2006
      These look great. Congratulations on getting them posted for everyone to see. Actually, I was looking for the ones from Seattle and couldn't find them! Ha-ha. Hope things are going well.
      Tony Balzano

      >>> bkass@... 07/21/2006 03:59 PM >>>
      Hi Sydney,

      Best wishes regarding your recent hiring as a full time instructor
      of anthropology courses at a two-year college setting. The SACC_L
      group is here to
      help, so here goes:
      The textbook and two ethnographies I am currently assigning in my
      "Cultural Anthropology" sections at SUNY Orange include:

      1. Textbook--Peoples and Bailey HUMANITY-AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL
      ANTHROPOLOGY 7ED THOMSON/WADSWORTH PUB. ( especially because eleven of
      my "Images of Anthropology" photographs are published in the text. I
      agree that what you just read was a shameless plug. Anyway the link
      to my website is www.imagesofanthropology.com ) The organization,
      overall appeal, chapters included, and level of writing are excellent
      as well.
      2. ethnography #1: M.Ward /NEST IN THE WIND 2ND ED. An excellent
      protrayal of an anthropologist's field experience on a tropical island
      in the South Pacific. Waveland Press.
      3. ethnography #2: M. Shostak NISA--THE LIFE AND WORDS OF A !KUNG
      WOMAN Harvard U. Press. A fascinating autobiographical account of the
      life of a woman in one of the last remnant gathering-hunting societies
      able to be documented anthropologically.

      The above combination ( one text, two ethnographies ) have worked very
      well for me over my 37 years of college teaching. Of course there
      have been many different texts and other ethnographies along the way.
      As I see it, the textbook allows for an important organization to the
      course as the students follow the presentation of chapters, as well as
      enabling me to call apon two other anthropologists, Peoples and
      Bailey, the text authors, to assist in the teaching of anthropology to
      my students. As I always say to my students, I can't cover all of
      cultural anthropology by myself in the course! The ethnographies add
      a more vivid in-depth approach to class exporation of key issues and
      topics in cultural anthropology.

      Sydney, any questions concerning my approach, please call 845 341-4364
      (office) leave a message if you have to, I'll get back to you as soon
      as I can. Much better than plunking out lengthy e-mail messages like
      this one!

      Hi to all of my many (I hope, especially after the 'shameless plug'
      above) friends in SACC. Hope to see you at the next SACC conference
      in California.
      Barry Kass
      --- In SACC-L@yahoogroups.com, "sydneyhart1" <S-Hart1@...> wrote:
      > I just got hired full time at a community college and I'm teaching
      > three sections of Intro. to Cultural Anthropology. I've been using my
      > Sociology background for a long time, so I'm a bit rusty in Anthro. I
      > plan on using a textbook and one or two really good ethnographies. Any
      > suggestions?
      > --Sydney

      Be sure to check out the SACC web page at www.anthro.cc (NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS!!) for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.
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