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RE: [SACC-L] SACC Information question

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  • Lynch, Brian M
    Lloyd, Thanks for all the details. This is all good to hear. I will be happy to join in the process where I can contribute my ideas and talents. Brian
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 22, 2006

      Thanks for all the details. This is all good to hear. I will be happy to join in the process where I can contribute my ideas and talents.



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      Actually, some progress has been made. At the Merida meetings, Chuck
      appointed a Website Task Force with Ann Kaupp as Chair. She's away
      for the week so I'm responding briefly in order not to keep you
      hanging, since your questions are good ones and no doubt shared by
      others on the listserv.

      Our task is to create from scratch and operate an entirely new SACC
      website. Ann Popplestone will continue to run the listserv. Deborah
      Shepherd from MN will set up the site initially and Rob Edwards has a
      student whom we could employ to maintain it on a continuing basis.
      It would be accessible both through a link with the AAA website and
      as a free-standing site. The Task Force has been meeting via e-mail
      since the conference, and among other things discussed various
      formats and content. When things are further along, Ann will solicit
      ideas and contributions from the listserv as well.

      SACC's 2007 meetings will be at Asilomar, a state park and resort in
      Monterey, CA, April 4-8. Pres-elect Rob Edwards is the coordinator
      and should have the latest information, redwards@... <mailto:redwards%40cabrillo.edu> .


      On Jun 19, 2006, at 8:47 AM, bdlqvcc wrote:

      > I missed the spring conference this year, but did attend in '05, and
      > recall that we talked at some length about various strategies to
      > keep SACC present to current and potential members; this Yahoogroups
      > discussion list is one way this can happen. At the same time, as I
      > searched around for further information about SACC happenings for
      > the coming year etc. (including the link from the AAA website) I
      > found little that told me we were alive and well. (SACC notes is,
      > on the other hand, a reminder that "where there is life, there is
      > hope"!)
      > One immediate question and one broader question (for my own
      > information but also for the broader group):
      > Any preliminary plans for the location of our 2007 meeting? (To find
      > this out early would help planning for travel etc. under generally
      > tight budgets.)
      > Any activity around breathing life into things like regional
      > meetings, rejuvinating an accurate database of departments by
      > region, producing a timely, informative, and regularly updated
      > website?
      > Brian Donohue-Lynch
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