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Re: FW: ON COURSE NEWSLETTER: Adding High-Tech Tools to Learning-Team Activities

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  • bdlqvcc
    Mark et al. At our small CC in rural NE Connecticut, we made a commitment back in the early days of the WWW (starting with the first graphical web-browsers
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 5, 2006
      Mark et al.

      At our small CC in rural NE Connecticut, we made a commitment back
      in the "early days" of the WWW (starting with the first graphical
      web-browsers in 1994-95) to make sure that we kept at least some of
      the emerging technologies always available to "students first..."
      We had a strong sense that these were going to be key resources for
      higher education--- especially because we could already see what the
      K-12 kids "down the road" were already doing!!

      When upgrades are called for (hardware, software etc.) they are in
      our public labs usually before they are on most faculty's desks...
      Many of our students would otherwise not be able to access such
      things at home, in our relatively economcially depressed region of
      the state.
      We now use a course-management system for every class (whether on-
      ground or online) at the very least to make syllabi, internal
      email,and hreaded discussions available to all students. We are
      grappling with network security issues so that we can also make
      wireless available throughout the school; students with cell phones
      can already access our webpages etc.; I and a few others teach
      courses via 2way video conferencing between our two campuses. It
      won't take much to make everything that is now online routinely
      available through pda's etc.
      This is not just to have the latest "toys"; we are very careful to
      discriminate between what we perceive to be 'fads' vs. signifcant
      emerging technologies, though this is always a matter of discernment
      and judgment.

      And the most challenging thought in all this is that already the
      kids in K12 have more skill (and higher expectations) with any of
      this than many of the most advanced planners in higher ed!

      It is FUN, besides, and opens up so many new possibilities for
      learning and connecting. I often makes me wonder why, especially in
      anthropology, there haven't been more efforts like the Mayaquest
      project back in the late 1990's, or the online international
      associations like the WAOE (of which I was a founding member back in
      1998 or so).

      --- In SACC-L@yahoogroups.com, "Lewine, Mark" <mark.lewine@...>
      > I am amazed at the following high-tech adaptations that are
      > becoming a major part of our teaching/learning strategies as
      > and hybrid web courses are surging in enrollment at our community
      > colleges. Do any of you have experiences with these tools and
      > uses?
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      > Subject: ON COURSE NEWSLETTER: Adding High-Tech Tools to Learning-
      > Activities

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