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      To: Humphreys, David; Lewine, Mark; Brown, Valerie; Popplestone, Ann
      Subject: FW: [GLOBALED-L:218] GLOBALED-L digest 193


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      Subject: [GLOBALED-L:218] GLOBALED-L digest 193

      GLOBALED-L Digest 193
      Topics covered in this issue include:
      1) Seeking educators and new projects
      by Anne Baker <anne@... <mailto:anne@...> >


      Topic No. 1
      Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 15:45:20 -0500
      From: Anne Baker <anne@... <mailto:anne@...> >
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      Subject: Seeking educators and new projects
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      Three of our postings this week are from organizations looking for
      educators, while the other two highlight recent projects to be found on the
      1. Seeking Experienced Teachers for American School in Kenya
      2. Seeking Educators in Zoology, Biology or English
      3. Amnesty International - USA Seeking Applicants for National Steering
      4. UNICEF Voices of Youth Rights Referendum
      5. UN CyberSchoolBus Peace Flag Project
      Anne Baker
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      1. Seeking Experienced Teachers for American School in Kenya
      The Baraka School is the only one of its kind in the world and we are
      looking for experienced teachers for the 2000-2001 school year. We are a
      Christian boarding school for approximately 60 middle-school age boys from
      Baltimore City who are identified to be at risk for poor behavior, home
      neglect, or low academic achievement and who WANT to go to Kenya for school.
      These boys spend their SEVENTH, EIGHTH and NINTH grade years in rural Kenya
      getting a strong education to make up for years of schooling neglect. The
      backbone of our curriculum is Direct Instruction: Corrective Reading,
      Comprehension, Spelling, and Expressive Writing. We also use DI's
      corrective mathematics, but also use Saxon math. After the students complete
      DI, we use the coursework available from Calvert Home-School. Our academic
      track record is amazing, with most boys graduating at or above grade level
      making up severe deficits.
      The 2000-2001 school year is our first year offering a high school
      curriculum as we have chosen to extend the experience for the boys from two
      to three years. Class sizes are tiny, averaging seven students. We operate
      school six days a week with Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons off. Study
      hall happens Sunday through Thursday night. Environment is highly
      structured, disciplined, but delivered in a caring, loving fashion.
      Positions include airfare each year, storage, full room and board, medical,
      life, access to staff vehicle, full-time nanny for children under six,
      cleaning and laundry services, discounts on hotels, and a monthly pay rate
      of $400-$500. Because you pay almost no taxes and all your needs are met,
      you can save a good part of the salary for travel or needs back home.
      Married couples are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED and employment opportunities are
      easily arranged for suitable spouse. Easy lifestyle for someone not
      carrying a lot of U.S. debt, the most rewarding job you will ever have, and
      a wonderful adventure. If you would like an application, contact Mary
      Scanlan, The Baraka School; 111 South Calvert Street, Suite 2200-A,
      Baltimore, Maryland; email: baraka@...; <mailto:baraka@...;>
      fax: 410-547-9332.

      2. Seeking Educators in Zoology, Biology or English
      Are you interested in joining me as a:
      * Researcher
      * Fact-Checker, or
      * Writer

      of a wildlife newsletter directed to Peace Corps Volunteers in
      Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, or South America?
      If you have a strong interest in the future of endangered wildlife
      and would like to participate in this publication, please contact:
      Landis McIntire, Director
      Project Jaguarundi
      760-931-9991 (message)
      760-931-9990 (fax)

      3. Amnesty International - USA Seeking Applicants for National
      This came over the Human Rights Education listserv:
      Please help spread the word. For more information, contact Karen
      Robinson Cloete, e-mail: krobinso@...

      We're in search of a few good educators
      The Human Rights Educators Network is in search of committed
      activists who meet the following criteria and who are ready to help lead the
      Amnesty International, USA's human rights education program into the next
      The human rights education steering committee is committed to
      performing the multi-faceted tasks that build a human rights education
      culture within AIUSA and in our alliances with other NGOs and institutions.
      The goals of the network reflect the vision, organizational structure, and
      activities and program priorities of AIUSA.
      The human rights education steering committee 2000-2003:
      (**indicates available positions)
      Human Rights Education Steering Committee
      * Committee Chair
      * Experiential & Service-Learning**
      * Resource Development (curriculum and other methodologies)**
      * Human Rights & the Environment**
      * Serving Linguistically Diverse Communities**
      * Outreach & development of Human Rights Educators**
      * Staff Liaison

      Human Rights Education Advisory Board (includes but not
      limited to the following)
      * Editor of the 4th R, AIUSA's Human Rights Education newsletter
      * AIUSA Website Coordinator
      * Curriculum Coordinator
      * Board Liaison

      The work of the Human Rights Educators Steering Committee Members:
      I. Liaison with membership, regional and national staff, and
      steering committees on policy and action:
      * Organize workshops at regional conferences and Annual General
      Meeting (AGM)
      * In consultation with staff, assist in organizing workshops at key
      leadership meetings (networks, Student Area Coordinator and Area
      Coordinator trainings)
      * Act as resource person (at group meetings, give speeches, advise
      groups on outreach to other NGOs) in area of expertise
      * Answer questions regarding AI human rights education resources
      * Be a trainer on human rights education
      * Be a key resource person of a focus area and provide leadership in
      constituency building for that area
      * Participate in the decision-making process about human rights
      education activities in regions (through participation on the Regional
      Planning Group and in other ways)
      * Advise the campaign director on strategies, actions, etc.
      * Support the development of peer support groups within the regions.

      II. Liaison within wider AI movement and the community
      * Integrate human rights education at the AGM by organizing panels and
      a pre-conference experiential and/or service learning components with
      debriefing workshops that highlight the work of local NGOs in the city where
      the AGM is held
      * Coordinate human rights education actions with the national and
      international planning cycle
      * Identify and participate in the selection of national and regional
      education conferences that AIUSA educators should attend.

      We are actively seeking candidates of diverse backgrounds. This is a two
      year commitment with some flexibility as determined by program development
      over the initial three years.
      Letters of interest with resume should be mailed by Dec. 15 1999 to:
      Amnesty International
      Karen Robinson Cloete
      322 8th Ave.
      New York, NY 10001
      krobinso@... <mailto:krobinso@...>

      4. UNICEF Voices of Youth Rights Referendum
      Explore the UNICEF Voices of Youth Rights Referendum!
      <http://www.unicef.org/voy/meeting/rig/crc.html> for special activities in
      celebration of the 10th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of
      the Child (CRC)! These activities encourage young people to learn about the
      CRC, to vote on rights most in need of protection in their communities, and
      to explore the issues in an online dialogue with young people worldwide. A
      special online tally allows participants to compare voting across regions
      and issues. During 1999-2000, include the CRC into your global/civics
      For more information contact voy@... <mailto:voy@...>
      La voix des jeunes http://www.unicef.org/voy/fr/
      La Juventud Opina http://www.unicef.org/voy/es/
      Voices of Youth http://www.unicef.org/voy/

      5. UN CyberSchoolBus Peace Flag Project
      >From their web site (http://www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus):

      The UN CyberSchoolBus, in cooperation with the UN Postal Administration, is
      pleased to announce the Peace Flag Project in celebration of the
      International Day of Peace.
      Submit your drawing for a world peace flag and your winning entry could be
      an official UN Stamp, complimented with a trip to the Olympics Stamp Show in
      Sydney in year 2000!
      The International Day of Peace is observed each year on the third Tuesday of
      September. Its observance coincides with the opening of the regular session
      of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. In 1981, the General
      Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Peace and invited all Member
      States, non-governmental organizations and individuals to observe the Day in
      a manner that reflects the United Nations' commitment to keeping peace among
      peoples and nations.
      The UN CyberSchoolBus is the on-line component of the Global Teaching and
      Learning Project and provides educational materials and activities to
      schools around the world on international issues. To reaffirm the ideal of
      peace among young people and in celebration of the International Day of
      Peace, the UN CyberSchoolBus, in cooperation with the United Nation Postal
      Administration, is sponsoring the Peace Flag Project. Students from all
      around the world are invited to send their vision of what a world peace flag
      would look like. Each entry should induce a short description of what their
      drawing presents. As a special bonus, one flag will be chosen by the judging
      panel for consideration by the United Nation Postal Administration for use
      as an official UN Stamp.
      Submission: Schools or organizations may submit a maximum of THREE ENTRIES.
      We suggest submissions from various grade levels, if appropriate. There must
      be a brief description (no more than 250 words) of the drawing. There are
      no restrictions on the use of color, but no text is permitted on the drawing
      Submissions may be mailed or sent in electronically in any of the
      following graphical file formats: PDF, PSD, EPS, TIF, GIF, JPEG
      Personal Information: Each entry must include name, age, school, country and
      all relevant contact information on the back of the entry. And please tell
      us how you heard about this project!
      Eligibility: Students aged 6-18.
      Size: Flag designs must be no larger than 10 inches by 15 inches or 25.4 cm
      by 38.1 cm.
      Deadline: All entries must be received by 10 December 1999.
      The UN CyberSchoolBus judging panel will select a winning entry in February
      2000. In the event that the winning design is used for a United Nations
      postage stamp, it is anticipated that the stamp will be issued in September
      2000 to coincide with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
      We will be unable to acknowledge receipt of your submission. All materials
      submitted for the Peace Flag Project become the property of the United
      Nations and will not be returned. Prior to the reproduction of the winning
      design as a United Nations stamp, the designer will be contacted by the
      United Nations Postal Administration in regard to related ownership and
      copyright details.
      Entries can be submitted in the following ways:
      1.Online submission
      2.Email to CyberSchoolBus@... <mailto:CyberSchoolBus@...>
      3.Mail to the local organizing office or directly to:

      United Nations CyberSchoolBus
      Peace Flag Project
      One United Nations Plaza
      Room DC1-552
      New York, NY 10017

      For additional information, please visit the UN CyberSchoolBus
      <http://www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus> ) or the UN Postal Administration
      (http://www.un.org/Depts/UNPA/) <http://www.un.org/Depts/UNPA/)> .
      [Tell them you heard about this from NPCA's Global TeachNet listserv!]


      End of GLOBALED-L Digest 193
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