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FW: [SERMLIST] Dar al Islam

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  • Dianne Chidester
    I attended this program in 1998 and really learned a lot. If anyone wants to know more about it, let me know. I also wrote a short review for SACC Notes. --
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2006
      I attended this program in 1998 and really learned a lot. If anyone wants to know more about it, let me know. I also wrote a short review for SACC Notes. -- Dianne

      >A free residential two-week long institute for educators
      >July 5 through July 16, 2006
      >Dar al Islam is pleased to offer a residential, two-week Institute this
      >summer. The program covers the faith, civilization, and world-view of Islam
      >through a study of primary texts and classical and later interpretations.
      >The Institute's major goal is to offer educators an opportunity to see how
      >Islam works in the daily life of Muslims and to better understand the basic
      >tenets this fast growing faith in the Untied States and the world.
      >The Institute is held at Dar al Islam's Abiquiu program site in the
      >beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico. Participants and faculty are
      >housed in the outstanding Mosque-School complex designed by the world
      >famous Egyptian
      >architect, Hassan Fathy. The setting and arrangements provide ample
      >opportunities for frequent interaction among the participants, faculty and
      >staff. From the mesa one may view sunsets and meteor showers simply by
      >walking outside. Be advised that the accommodations, while beautiful, are
      >rustic. Bring your open mind and spirit of adventure.
      >Costs and Expenses:
      >There are no fees for attending. Participants pay for their travel
      >expenses. The Institute provides instructional fees, books and
      >supplementary teaching materials, on-site room and board, and
      >transportation to and from the Albuquerque
      > Application Procedure
      >Note: There are no "application forms." Please send the following
      >By the deadline of April 3, 2006, each application must provide:
      >(1) a brief description (200 words) of your teaching responsibilities
      >including the coming academic year, together with a description of your
      >(2) a resume (limited to 2 pages please)
      >(3) two letters of reference, one of which must be from the head of your
      >institution or your supervisor
      >(4) a one page statement of personal and professional reasons to attend
      >All applications and supporting materials are to be sent in hard copy form
      >(not fax or e-mail attachment) to: Karima
      >Diane Alavi, Director, Dar al Islam Teachers' Institutes
      >PO Box 180
      >Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510 - 0180
      >(505) 685-4515 x 24 / kdalavi@...
      >Applicants will be notified of acceptance by April 14, 2006. Dar al Islam
      >programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,
      >sex, special needs or age.
      >For further information on the site, the Teachers' Institutes, and other
      >Dar al Islam programs, please visit our web site at www.daralislam.org

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