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  • rob edwards
    Hi Alice, Wish we had known you were in London. Julie and I were there over Thanksgiving to visit our son while he was temporarily assigned there. How long are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2005
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      Hi Alice, Wish we had known you were in London. Julie and I were there
      over Thanksgiving to visit our son while he was temporarily assigned
      there. How long are you there and in what capacity?
      I appreciate your point about part-timers. That is why when we have
      overages above cost, we refund to adunct faculty who attend and of
      course why we try to keep the January meeting so inexpensive.
      It is also why on the National level, SACC offers (in essence
      membership) the receipt of the "Teaching Anthropology" newsletter for
      $15/year if you are not a AAA member.
      If you have other suggestions, let me know and I will work on them for
      the next two years or so.
      Here at Cabrillo in the past, we have offered a College bus to the
      meetings but I think old time adjunct mostly don't want to give up a
      Junuary holiday as well as the cost.

      "Kingsnorth, Alice" wrote:

      > Rob-- Hi from London. Nice promotional letter. Good mix of casual,
      > upbeat and practical.
      > Saw your list of topics earlier. Cool. Would love to be there.
      > WOuld love to review the new courset that I introduced with the magic
      > word sex in the title.
      > Think one thing to consider in recruitin participation is how hard it
      > is for part-timers to get institutional funds to support travel and
      > meeting costs no matter how reasonable -- and this is. It's hard in
      > terms of time filling out forms and even having to haul up to some
      > campus at a committee meeting time to present bodily to the commitee
      > at a time that wrecks a finely hewn schedule, in terms of "but why
      > should we cough up if you are not really representing us?", or "How
      > much did you say the other institutions you are working for are
      > kicking in?", and also psychologically because of being spread over
      > different districts, different campuses, not earning an above poverty
      > level wage and having to fork out of own pocket for academic
      > networking, and the risk of offending a full-time colleague who may be
      > influential. Perhaps a topic to be covered at a future meeting?
      > stay in touch best, a
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      > Subject: SACC meetimgs
      > Hi Colleagues,
      > As a California Community College teacher and as a future President of
      > SACC, I would like to add my message to others you may be getting
      > about
      > the Society for Anthropologists in Community Colleges special interest
      > area of the American Anthropological Association. We focus on teaching
      > as applied anthropology and as such try to enjoy our field and our
      > profession. The fact is that we introduce anthropology to more
      > students
      > than all the four-year schools put together. Also based on information
      > from the last AAA meetings, we are one of the few interest groups that
      > gained in membership while the AAA as a whole and most of the other
      > groups membership declined. I don’t pretend to know all the reasons
      > but
      > I am sure that fact that we enjoy ourselves when we have the
      > opportunity
      > is part of it. So I am hoping you might like to join us as an
      > interest
      > group, if you are already a member of AAA, and to come to our meetings
      > that we have scheduled for 2006. #1 San Luis Obispo, Ca. in January
      > (see
      > below), #2 SACC annual Meetings in Merida in March and #3 our sessions
      > within the AAA meetings in the Fall at San Jose, California.
      > California Society of Anthropology Teachers in Community Colleges.
      > Meeting - January 13 & 14. San Luis Osbispo
      > We are teachers of introductory anthropology who have met sporadically
      > over the years. At first Cabrillo College faculty organized the
      > meetings
      > and then other teachers and schools took responsibility. In the last
      > few years, we have found a centralized location between North and
      > Southern California in San Luis Obispo and used the MLK Jr. Holiday in
      > January as the time.
      > We meet in a small motel, just big enough (limit 50 plus or minus) for
      > us. Bill Fairbanks of Cuesta College is the host and has worked out
      > ways
      > to keep the cost low. Cost has ranged from $40-$50 range which
      > includes
      > dinner on Friday, Continental Breakfast, and Lunch on Saturday. Any
      > overage is either kept for the following year, or if the amount is
      > significant, used to help adjunct faculty with their costs. Motels
      > are
      > not covered but rates are usually modest. See below. The meeting is
      > held
      > during (but not all of) the Martin Luther King holiday. This year we
      > will begin on Friday evening, Jan. 13, starting with a happy hour from
      > 5-7 and then a barbecued dinner catered by Bill's son in law. We
      > introduce ourselves, talk about our programs and add to,
      > change or delete items from an interim agenda. On Saturday morning
      > (Jan. 14) we start at 8:30 with a continental breakfast and coffee and
      > hen begin our all day session. The group is usually small (<50) and
      > meets in one room. Past years have
      > focused on topics such as articulation with four-year schools (and we
      > usually have a few participants from those schools), sessions on
      > teaching "tricks" that have worked for various people, texts used and
      > discussion of other subjects of interest. Lunch is provided, usually a
      > choice of sandwiches and soft drinks and then people continue to talk
      > to
      > about 5 PM. Then the sort of formal meetings are over.Many people go
      > out
      > to dinner and continue to talk with each other. When was the last
      > time
      > you had an opportunity to talk about teaching Introductory
      > Anthropology
      > courses with peers? Some people leave that evening, many spent the
      > night and leave on Sunday. Remember Monday is also a holiday.
      > I hopefully will see you there.
      > Rob Edwards
      > Cabrillo College
      > 831-479-6294
      > Specific information on this meeting and the March Meetings in Merida
      > are attached.

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