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FW: University of San Marino

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      Subject: University of San Marino

      International Conference
      The Semiotics of Writing
      Transdisciplinary perspectives on the technology of writing

      November 12-14, 1999
      Grand Hotel - Republic of San Marino
      Viale Onofri, 31

      Friday 12
      Patrick John Coppock
      The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
      Introduction: Identity, audience and community in writing research

      Jack Goody
      University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
      Transdisciplinary enquiries in literacy: the social sciences and the book

      Martin Nystrand
      University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
      Culture supports for empirical research on writing

      Saturday 13
      David Barton
      Lancaster University, United Kingdom
      Letter writing as a socialpractice

      Lars Sigfred Evensen
      The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
      Grounding in interaction
      Kjell-Lars Berge
      University of Oslo, Norway
      The development of a textculture: Theoretical reflections on the notion of
      the 'text' based on empirical studies of the 18th century society

      Thomas Huckin
      University of Utah, USA
      Rhetorical invention and textual silences

      Anna-Malin Karlsson
      Stockholm University, Department of Scandinavian Languages To write a page.
      Concepts and practices of homepage use.
      Finn Bostad
      The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
      Dialogue in asynchronous online writing
      Anne Freadman
      The University of Queensland, Australia
      The visit of the instrument maker

      Carol Berkenkotter
      Michigan Technological University, USA
      Picturing the insane: Relationship between text and graphics in 19th century
      psychiatric case history

      Sunday 14
      Maurizio Gnerre
      University of Cassino, Istituto Orientale di Napoli
      The semiotics of ephemeral graphisms in two South-American indigenous

      Carolyn Miller
      North Carolina StateUniversity, USA
      Writing in a culture of simulation

      Jim Martin
      University of Sydney, Australia
      Fair trade: negotiating meaning in multimodal texts

      Gunther Kress
      University of London, United Kingdom
      Rethinking writing in the context of multimodality

      Tuition fee: 120.000 Italian Lire
      Students: 60.000 Italian Lire

      For further information and hotel reservation please contact:
      Universita di San Marino
      Contrada Omerelli, 77
      47890 Repubblica di San Marino

      From Italy:
      Tel.: 0549/882516
      Fax: 0549/882619

      From other countries:
      Tel.: +--39/549/882516 or +--378/882516
      Fax: +--39/549/882519 or +--378/882519

      www.unirsm.sm <http://www.unirsm.sm>
      E-mail: dssc+AEA-unirsm.sm

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