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FW: [SERMLIST] Jordan Summer Abroad 2006

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  • Dianne C
    Thought some of you might have students who are interested in this. -- Dianne
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2005
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      Thought some of you might have students who are interested in this. --

      >From: "Curtis, Edward E" <ecurtis4@...>
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      >Subject: [SERMLIST] Jordan Summer Abroad 2006
      >Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 10:11:58 -0500
      >Dear Colleagues:
      > Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is pleased to
      >announce that we are accepting applications for our summer 2006 program
      >in Jordan. This 5-week program provides students with an introduction to
      >the peoples and cultures of Jordan and the Arab Middle East. There is
      >no language pre-requisite, and both courses are taught in English.
      > Students take two 3-credit courses: Islamic Beginnings/Middle East
      >History; and Islam and Modernity. By studying the history of the region
      >on site, students will be able to understand the roots of contemporary
      >Middle Eastern cultures, religions, and societies. The academic program
      >will include classroom instruction, field excursions, and visits with
      >local scholars, politicians, and journalists.
      > Students will stay in shared student apartments (with kitchenette and
      >bathroom) a short walk from the University of Jordan. Program
      >highlights include a Jordanian buddy program, a three-day weekend stay
      >with a Jordanian family, and course-related excursions to Petra, Wadi
      >Rum, Ajloun, Umm Qais, and the Desert Castles.
      > For more information on the program, please contact Dr. Edward Curtis,
      >Resident Director, at ecurtis4@..., or visit:
      >http://www.iupui.edu/~oia/SA/Jordan.html (for costs, dates, eligibility,
      > The application deadline is February 15, 2006. Applications are
      >available on our website at
      >http://www.iupui.edu/~oia//SA/applyjordan.html. Interested students may
      >contact Stephanie Leslie, Director of Study Abroad, at
      >slleslie@... or (317) 274-2081.
      >Past Participant Comments
      >"My experience in Jordan has fundamentally altered my perception of the
      >Middle East. The blending of informal learning experiences and the
      >classroom leads me to consider the summer in Jordan program an excellent
      >opportunity for anyone interested in the Middle East."
      >--Sam, sophomore, International Studies and Economics
      >"I absorbed more in my summer in Jordan than I did the entire previous
      >semester. This experience in Jordan is wonderfully intense. It is
      >academically and personally challenging. Each day, I had to think about
      >my place in the USA and my place in Jordan, and then disregard
      >ethnocentricism to reconcile the two."
      >--Angela, senior, Peace, War & Defense
      >"This experience allowed me to get a better understanding of the Islamic
      >faith and how people in the Middle East practice their religion. By
      >making friends with Muslim Jordanians I was able to be a part of daily
      >activities and have meaningful conversations with university students as
      >well as their family members. I plan to keep in contact with my new
      >friends and maybe even come back to Amman next summer!"
      >--Jessica, junior, Political Science and Photojournalism
      >For more information, visit:
      >or contact Dr. Edward Curtis, Resident Director, at ecurtis4@....
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