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FW: AAA Workshop "Meet the Press: Science writers talk with anthr opologists

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    Subject: AAA Workshop Meet the Press: Science writers talk with anthropologists _______________________________________________________ Meet the Press:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1999
      Subject: AAA Workshop "Meet the Press: Science writers talk with

      "Meet the Press: Anthropologists talk with Science Writers"
      Media Workshop at AAA Meetings
      Nov.19, 1-3 PM
      Sponsor: NAPA
      Presenter: Merry Bruns
      The Center for Anthropology and Science Communications
      * Register at the door or contact Merry Bruns for details (mbruns@...)=

      This workshop features guest science writers and editors from major newspap=
      ers and other media, who'll talk with us about science stories that get co=
      vered- which ones don't-and how anthropology can improve its chances of be=
      ing covered accurately.

      * How do editors decide what science stories to publish?
      * Does the media cover anthropology in a responsible manner?

      Science writers are the journalists who write about us - they're our most p=
      owerful conduit to the public.
      Here they'll talk with us about what they look for in stories, how their ow=
      n medium often constrains what they write, communication problems with acad=
      emics, and how that communication can be improved.

      Come prepared to talk freely with professionals in this exciting field.

      Panelists from past workshops have included:

      * Malcolm Browne
      Senior science writer
      New York Times
      Science section

      * Boyce Rensberger
      Science Editor
      The Washington Post

      * Jamie Shreeve
      "Lucy's Child" (with Don Johansson)
      "The Neanderthal Enigma"

      * Larry Schuster
      Science Editor
      United Press International (UPI)

      * Nancy Shute
      Science Editor
      U.S.News & World Report
      ** AGENDA
      =80 What makes science "news"?
      =80 How is "news" defined?
      =80 How is science research turned into news stories?
      =80 What makes a good science story-what are the elements?

      =80 What are media constraints and requirements (time, space, etc.)?
      =80 How do editors determine what to use?
      =80 How does science have to conform to news conventions?
      =80 What problems occur along the way?

      (cultural, biological, or archeological)
      =80 What makes a great anthropology story?
      =80 What makes a book about anthropology popular?
      =80 What makes it tough to get good anthropology stories?

      =80 Your thoughts on ways the relationship between scientists, journalists =
      and media might be improved.

      MERRY BRUNS REPLY-TO: mbruns@...

      *ScienceSites Communications
      =09 - Web Editor & Producer.
      - "Writing for the Web" workshops.

      *The Center for Anthropology and Science Communications
      - Anthropology communications online.
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