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Re: anthropology blogs

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  • tadmci
    Bob ... and others on the list, I started blogging about six months ago for the reasons you suggest ... in many class meetings I bring in news stories and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2005
      Bob ... and others on the list,

      I started blogging about six months ago for the reasons you suggest
      ... in many class meetings I bring in news stories and other
      information to supplement the topics of the course and I wanted a
      place that my students could read the stories at their leisure and, if
      they wanted, comment on them. My secondary purpose for blogging is
      more consistent with journaling ... I wanted a place to record,
      ponder, and discuss topics of importance to me and my career. Those
      topics are primarily aboriginal rights, indigenous peoples, and teaching.

      Additional benefits have followed, the most significant of which has
      been finding myself part of a larger community of on-line
      anthropologists. Through blogging, I have come to know many people
      with similar interests and different takes, and with comparable
      research experiences from different parts of the world. Beyond this,
      reading the blogs of others has provided me with a tremendous amount
      of additional teaching material or simply ideas about how to present
      issues I discuss in class in new ways.

      You ask about other anthropology blogs. Savageminds.org is a
      tremendously active blog of a group of primarily cultural
      anthropologists. There, posts come daily on topics ranging from
      theory to fieldwork to the use of technology in anthropological

      The easiest way for me to point people to a list of
      anthropology-related blogs is to ask you to go to my website at:
      www.tadmcilwraith.com . On the right side, click on the link 'Anth
      Blogs.' On that page you will see another link to my 'blogroll.'
      Clicking that will take you to 'Bloglines,' a news reader, where I
      follow more than 100 blogs. I have organized the blogs into folders
      with labels like archaeology blogs, cultural anthropology blogs, and
      biological anthropology blogs. Open the folders that interest you and
      click on the blog name. Recent stories posted on those blogs will
      appear and you can go directly to the blog website by clicking once
      more on the title of the blog in the right-hand pane.


      --- In SACC-L@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Muckle" <bmuckle@c...> wrote:
      > I've been fascinated with the recent move towards blogging in
      > anthropology, especially as a teaching tool.
      > I think a particularly good blog is one belonging to my colleague,
      > SACC-L subscriber, and soon-to-be SACC member, Tad Mcilwraith. His blog
      > is part of a greater web presence, which also includes a web site. Both
      > his web site and blog have the major themes of teaching anthropology and
      > Indigenous peoples of North America. From what I gather, he expects his
      > students to be checking out his blog. For your interest his web site is
      > www.tadmcilwraith.com and there is a link to his blog from there.
      > If anyone is familiar with other good anthropology blogs, please pass
      > them on.
      > Bob Muckle
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