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Re: [SACC-L] FW: Please Forward and/or Post: JHU Anthropology Call for Papers

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  • Linda Light
    Actually, this is the stuff of linguistic anthropology. Linda Light Lewine, Mark wrote: Interesting approach that reveals some
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2005
      Actually, this is the stuff of linguistic anthropology.
      Linda Light

      "Lewine, Mark" <mark.lewine@...> wrote:
      Interesting approach that reveals some current thinking about how to
      apply anth methods to understand social issues.


      Domesticities [usage] A Graduate Student

      a. domesticity
      b. domesticate
      c. domestic

      What meanings are implicated in the term "domesticity?" Though often
      figured as a static or clearly bounded site to which return is always
      possible, the domestic is continually reconstituted and reinvented. The
      graduate students of the Department of Anthropology at Johns Hopkins
      University invite papers that query notions of domesticity within and
      beyond the discipline of anthropology.

      What are the practices through which the domestic comes to be framed?
      Historically, the household has served as a unit of analysis across many
      academic disciplines, but domesticity and home do not always coincide.
      Domestic thresholds and boundaries take many forms, variously fluid and
      permeable. Spatial and temporal regimes constitute domesticities as
      routines and rituals shape everyday experience. Manifold techniques,
      ideologies, and masteries are cultivated and deployed to secure the
      space of the home. The renewal, reconfiguration and disruption of
      domesticity contribute to notions of the self, subjectivity, and

      Against what disruptions is the ever-shifting ground of domesticity
      reshaped and remade? The familiar geographies of domestic sanctuary may
      become alien, monstrous and strange. Many possibilities are opened if
      we think of the domestic as the location of particular sets of desires,
      or the yearning for certain kinds of accumulation or production.
      Political events and institutional interventions impose unanticipated
      arrangements and movements across the realm of the domestic, even as law
      and the State are configured and voiced within this domain. How do
      processes of domestication unfold, and what is at stake in becoming

      What is the relationship of the ethnographer to domesticity as an
      anthropological object and how does the ethnographic gaze render it
      unfamiliar? Domestic spaces are imagined as intimate, private, and
      closely guarded. On the other hand, the ethnographer who conducts
      research in her "homeland" is presupposed ready access to field sites
      and informants because of the advantage of domestic terrain. How do
      anthropologists construct the domestic and negotiate access to it? What
      forms of evidence are produced in the encounter between anthropology and

      The conference will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2006, at the
      Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University. We welcome submissions
      from students from any academic discipline. Please send abstracts of no
      more than 250 words to domesticities@... by December 15, 2005.
      Notification of acceptance will go out by e-mail no later than January
      3, 2006. Some funds are available for travel subsidies, and housing
      with graduate students will be provided for all participants.

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