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Istanbul Summer Institute

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  • Dianne C
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
      >Istanbul Summer Institute
      >Istanbul, Turkey, and Thessaloniki, Greece
      > July 3, 2006 ~ July 28, 2006
      >Funded by the Getty Foundation in partnership with the Department of
      >History, The University of Washington with the cooperation of Istanbul
      >Bilgi University
      >This intensive month-long program will examine how objects, buildings, and
      >institutions conserve, preserve, and recreate the past for diverse
      >communities now and for the future. Participants and numerous invited
      >lecturers will discuss recent critical approaches to national patrimony,
      >cultural memory, and reception history. The power of images, monuments, and
      >museums to mold communities will also be examined. The program features a
      >one-week field trip to Thessaloniki, Greece and three weeks in Istanbul,
      >Turkey with a field trip to the Gallipoli Peninsula.
      >Topics include:
      > --Representing and Appropriating the Past: Theory and Interpretation
      > --Seeing the Past in Selected Sites in Turkey and Greece
      >--Constructing the Pasts of the Middle East and Greece
      > --Museums and the Photographic Record
      >Criteria for Participation:
      >Applications are invited from scholars with a PhD or equivalent
      >professional experience in art history, archaeology, antiquities
      >organizations, museums, conservation and monument commissions, cultural
      >anthropology, cultural geography, history, comparative literature, or urban
      >planning. We seek participants from diverse backgrounds and national
      >Fluency in spoken and written English is required; all program activities
      >will be in English.
      >Fellowship Benefits:
      >All successful applicants will be awarded a fellowship, which features:
      >+ Round-trip airfare + Lodging and meals + Site admissions +Institute
      >Fellowship Requirements:
      >Attendance and participation in all Institute activities
      >Attendance at common meals: breakfast through dinner, Monday through
      >Friday noon.
      >Participation in and presentation of assigned readings and group activities
      >Familiarity with web resources
      >An online application for the 2006 program is at:
      >In addition, please send five copies of your curriculum vitae to:
      > Istanbul Summer Institute
      > c/o History Department, Box 353560
      > The University of Washington, Seattle, WA. USA 98195-3560
      >For further information, please contact Jere L. Bachrach at
      >Application deadline is January 16, 2006
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