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    ... Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 16:59:10 +0800 From: Yan Yuanliang Following please find some books. May be they are useful to your research
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      Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 16:59:10 +0800
      From: Yan Yuanliang <hceis@...>

      Following please find some books. May be they are useful to your
      research and collection. To read the details please and recommend to your
      library or contact us free . Thank you.

      *New Book*
      Chronicle of Zhoukoudian(1927-1937) (=D6=DC=BF=DA=B5=EA=BC=C7=CA=C2)--in co=
      mmemoration of=20
      the 70th anniversary of the Discovery of he First Skull of Peking Man
      Chinese and English Bilingual

      Editor in Chief Jia Lanpo
      Pub. Date: September, 1999
      ISBN: 7-5323-5301-X/N.93
      151 pages/Hardback/ Good printed=20
      Price: US$65+US$8 (Postage) seamail US$65+US$18 airmail

      Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site lies at the foot of the West Mountain, more tha=
      n 50 kilometers southwest of Beijing, surrounded by rolling mountains on th=
      e northwest. Green and luxuriant trees and grass set each other off, the pa=
      th wides its way into distance.

      About 5-600,000 years ago, our ancestors =A1=B0Peking Man =A1=B1 lived, gre=
      w and multiplied here=A1=AD=20

      In 1929, supported by the Paleo anthropologist, professor Pei Wenzhong, the=
      first complete skull of Peking Man was unearthed, which shocked the world =
      greatly. This discovery provided an answer to the controversy----whether Ja=
      va Man belonged to apes or human beings, which lasted more than 20 years. A=
      s a result, the history of the development of the mankind advanced 500,000 =

      For about 50 years, Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site illustrated itself in the h=
      istory of the international research into Paleo anthropolgy like a bright p=
      earl, as a result of the unremitting efforts of the scientists of several g=
      enerations in the Institute of Vetebrate Paleontolgy and Paleo anthropology=
      of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      The present situation of Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site is not worthy of its l=
      ofty standing as a world cultural relic. The Site cannot compare a few famo=
      us cultural shrines. Even if compared with other units listed as world cult=
      ural legacies, there is a big difference, and it is even inferior to some =
      ordinary relics conservation units at home. If it still goes on like this, =
      it will not only affect the prestige of Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site in the =
      world, but also be a great loss to the international research in the histor=
      y of the development of the mankind.

      This book is an album containing more than 200 photos that taken in 1920s a=
      nd 1930s. The photos are illustrated in English and Chinese. It really reco=
      rds the digging situation in that time, and is of great historical value fo=
      r collection. =20

      Preface: Digging at Ancestral Shrine at Zhoukoudian
      Zhououdian in 1927-1928
      Zhououdian in 1929
      Zhououdian in 1930
      Zhououdian in 1931
      Zhououdian in 1932
      Zhououdian in 1933
      Zhououdian in 1934
      Zhououdian in 1935
      Zhououdian in 1936
      Zhououdian in 1937
      A brief introduction to the Famous Scientists involved in the work at Zhouk=
      A Chronology of Events at Zhoukoudian

      *New Book*
      Chinese Fossil Horses of Equus and Their Environment
      Chinese edition with English Summary (p.129-153)

      Edited by Deng Tao & Xue Xiangxu
      Pub. Date: July , 1999
      ISBN: 7-5027-4772-9
      158 pages+ 20 plates / Hardback/ 180x260mm
      Price: US$38 + US$8 (postage) sea mail US$38+US$15 airmail

      The materials studied in this book come mainly from the Early Pleistocene B=
      ajiazui fauna in Qingyang County and the Late Pleistocene Loufangzi fauna i=
      n Huanxian County, Gansu Province, and partially from other localities. By =
      way of the research to the Chinese fossils of the genus Equus, some new con=
      clusions on the taxonomy, evolution, biostratigraphy, paleoclimatology, chr=
      onology and so on about the genus Equus are achieved, which gets better kno=
      wledge of the Chinese fossils of the genus Equus and develops applications =
      of mammal fossils on climatic changes. The review and revision to the Chine=
      se fossils of the genus Equus have important theoretic significance. The ex=
      ploration and discussion of climatic changes on the basis of the genus Equu=
      s have effective practical value. =20

      A Study On the Lithic Artifacts of Sinanthropus (=D6=D0=B9=FA=D4=B3=C8=CB=
      --Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole number 168 New Series D, Number 12 )
      Chinese edition with English Summary

      Edited by Pei Wenzhong Zhang Senshui
      Pub. Date: 1985
      277 pages + 45 plates / Hardback / 180x260mm
      Price: US$38+ US$8=3DUS$46

      Main Contents

      Chapter 1 Introductory Notes
      1. Summarized accounts of stratigraphical studies of Choukoutien
      2. Cultural remains and traces other than lithic artifacts
      3. Historical review of the studies of Choukoutien lithic artifacts
      Chapter 2 Description of the Sinianthropus Artifacts Layer by Layer
      Chapter 3: General Characters , Conclusions and Discussions of the Sinianth=
      ropus Artifacts.
      Section 1.raw-materials of he stone artifacts
      Section 2. Flaking technology
      3. Utilized materials
      5.General characters of Lithic Artifacts and 'Sinianthropus Culture'
      6.Concering problem on subdivision of cultural stage of the 'Sinianthropus=
      7. Problems concering the correction of 'Sinianthropus Culture'

      --Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole number 146 New Series D, Number 11 )
      Chinese Edition with English abstracts

      By Woo Ju-Kang
      Pub. date: 1962
      94 pages + 18 figures and 18 plates/paperback/
      Size: 225x305mm
      Price: US$46+ US$8=3DUS$54

      Part One: The Mandibles of Gigantopithecus
      1. Material
      2. Ages and Sex of the Mandibles
      3. Morphological Observation
      4. Measurements
      5. The Mandibular Arches
      6. Reconstruction of the Rami of the Mandible
      7. Summary of Characters of the Mandible

      Part Two: The Dentition of Gigantopithecus
      1. Material
      2. Description of individual Types
      3. The Sequence of the Eruption of the Teeth
      4. Size and Proportion of Teeth
      5. Summary of Characters of the Teeth

      Part Three: The Systematic Position of Gigantopithecus and Its habits and o=
      ther related problems
      1. The systematic position of Gigantopithecus
      2. Problems related to the Classification of Gigantopithecus
      3. The Physical Appearance of Gigantopithecus
      4. Habits of Gigantopithecus
      5. Number of Individuals and of Both Sexes of Gigantopithecusand their Age =
      6. Dental Caries of Gigantopithecus
      7. Gigantopithecus and the Theory of 'Labour created Man'

      Evidence for Evolution - Essays in Honor of Prof. Chungchien=20
      Young on the Hundredth Anniversary of His Birth
      Chinese edition with English abstracts=20

      Edited by Tong Yongsheng et al
      Pub. Date: 1997
      ISBN: 7-5027-4308-1
      253 pages /paperback/ 180x260mm
      Price: US$28+US$7 =3DUS$35=20

      This book contains following 21 papers
      1. Synchronic presence of sapiens and erectus: fossil evidence and its dati=
      ng from China
      2. Micro evolution from E. H. sapiens to modern man and origin of Chinese p=
      3. The study of racial characteristics of human skulls from ancient cemeter=
      y at Chawuhugou, Hejing County,
      4.Some problems of the Dingcun industry
      5.Recent progress and problems of Paleolithic archaeology in China
      6.Similarity and variation within the Lower Paleolithic: East Asia, Western=
      Europe, and Africa compared
      7.A study of chipped stone artifacts from the Early Neolithic site of Zengp=
      iyan Cave
      8. Recordings about polished stone in Chinese ancient literature
      9. Grammaspis, a new antiarch fish (Placoderm) from Early Devonian of Jiang=
      you, Sichuan Province
      10.Overall implications of the Late Eocene western Tarim selachian fish fau=
      na in biostratigraphy,
      Paleoecology, and Paleozoogeography
      11.A captorhinid from the Upper Permian of Nei Mongol, China
      12.Altilambda fossil from the Late Paleocene Doumu Formation, Qianshan, Anh=
      13.A new suid from the Middle Miocene of Xinan, Henan
      14.Evulotion of the Mesosiphneinae (Siphneidae, Rodentia ) and environmenta=
      l Change
      15.The fossil suids from the Pleistocene in Taiwan
      16.From Megaloceros pachyosteus to Procapreolus jinensis: A review on the f=
      ossil cervids in China
      17.Recent advances in study of the Xianshuihe Formation in Lanzhou Basin
      18.The framework of archaeological geology of the Nihewan Basin
      19.Three glacial cycles during Peking Man's time
      20.The outstanding contributions of Prof. C.C. Young to the desert Quaterna=
      ry research of China: Recognition of the formation and evolution of deserts=
      in China
      21.Cladistics in Popper's perspective

      Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting of the=20
      Chinese Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
      Chinese edition with English Abstracts

      Edited by Wang Yuanqing et al
      Pub. Date: 1999
      ISBN: 7-5027-4538-6
      274 pags/paperback/180x260mm
      Price: US$32+US$7=3DUS$39=20

      This proceeding contains 31 papers listed as following:

      1.Vertebrate Assemblages of the Jehol Biota in Western Liaoning, China
      2.Stratigraphic Sequence of the Late Mesozoic in Fuxin Basin, Western Liaon=
      ing, China
      3.Vertebrate Assemblage of the Lower Shaximiao Formation of Sichuan Basin, =
      4.Jurassic Stratigraphical and Paleontological Outline in Yuxi, Yunnan, Chi=
      5.The Early Cretaceous Vertebrate Fossils of Toba City, Mie Prefecture, Sou=
      thwest Japan.
      6.Tertiary Strata in Yuxi District, Yunnan, China
      7.Biostratigraphic Study on the Bahe Formation
      8.Report of Remigolepis from Upper Devonian, S. China
      9.The Preliminary Study of Nasal Cavity of Ikechosaurus Sunailinae (Reptili=
      a, Choristodera)
      10.Psittacosaur Fossils and their Stratigraphical Implications
      11.Brief Review on the Pterosaurs of China
      12.The Characteristics of Composition of Trace Elements in Jurassic Dinosau=
      r Bones in Sichuan Basin
      13.The Chemical Element Characteristics of Dinosaur Bones from the Late Cre=
      taceous of Tianzhen, Shanxi Province
      14.New Localities of Dinosaur Eggs in Guangdong, China
      15.Dinosaur Fauna from Yuxi Area, Yunnan Province
      16.New Discovery of an Early Cretaceous Tritylodontid (Reptilia, Therapsida=
      )from Japan and the Phylogenetic=20
      Reconstruction of the Tritylodontidae Based on the Dental Characteristic=
      17.Middle Eocene Mammals of Lijiang Basin, Yunnan
      18.A Review of Chinese Brontotheres
      19.A New Species of Turcocerus from the Middle Miocene of the Northern Jung=
      gar Basin
      20.Erinaceidae from the Middle Miocene of North Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Uyg=
      ur Autonomous Region, China
      21.Pliocene Micromammal Fauna from Ningxian, Gansu Province
      22..Sinomastodon Tobien et al., 1986(Proboscidea, Mammalia )from the Plioce=
      ne and Early-Middle Pleistocene of China
      23.A New Species of Stenonid Horse from China
      24..On Some Problems of Palaeoloxodon of China
      25.Habitat Signals in the Carbon Isotopic Composition of Tooth Enamel Phosp=
      hate from Pleistocene Herbivores
      26.Mid-Pleistocene Mammalian Fauna in Wazhuwan Cave, tongzi, Guizhou and it=
      s Paleoenviroment Significance
      27.8.Enamel Microstructure Analysis of Ailuropoda
      28..The Paleolithic Culture in Beijing Area
      29.A Preliminary Study on the Fenghuangling Culture
      30.Preliminary Research on Paleolithic Culture in Taihang Mountain Area
      31.Citation Analysis of Chinese Jurnals on Vertebrate Paleontology

      How to Order !=20
      Mail Order: To send order form to:
      Huayu Center for Environmental Information Services
      P.O.Box 4088, Beijing 100001, P.R. China.
      *Fax Order: +86-10-68575909=20
      E-mail order: Please send order to the following two address respectively:
      Delivery: We shall send the book to you on receipt of the book after recei=
      ving your order. =20
      Payment: check, bank transfer or international post money on receipt of bo=
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