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  • Barry Kass
    Hi all, I started this thread by first posting the question, Who is Scott A. Lucas? and I must say it has turned into an excellent discussion of the current
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2005
      Hi all,
      I started this thread by first posting the question, "Who is
      Scott A. Lucas?" and I must say it has turned into an excellent
      discussion of the current state of SACC. I agree with Bryan that our
      web site needs a serious upgrading. And I will be the first to admit:
      I am not an old, retired grumpy midwesterner.
      I will follow the suggestion of my friend Bob Muckle and write a
      brief biography.
      I first became aware of SACC when I received a letter from ( the
      evil ) Richard Furlow, who we must credit with the founding of our
      organization. I thought he had a great idea, to create a community of
      those anthropologists who taught at community colleges, and I readily
      joined. I attended the first SACC conference, held in Ft. Lauderdale,
      Florida, in ( the late 1980's ? ) and have attended most since then.
      I was president of SACC 1998-1999, and organized our conference in
      Boston. During that year I also served on the Executive Board of the
      AAA. I have thoroughly enjoyed my connection with SACC, have made many
      friendships with people who I admire and whose company I enjoy
      ( when I get to see them at our conferences ), and I have benefited
      greatly from the intellectual stimulation I receive at our meetings.
      I would rather attend a SACC meeting then an AAA meeting anyday.
      I have been teaching anthropology ( cultural, physical,
      archaeology ) as well as Intro to Sociology, at Orange County
      Community College, SUNY, since 1969. I have my BA and MA from SUNY
      Binghamton, and lots of additional graduate credits from SUNY New
      Paltz and Cal State Univ. at Chico. I have done archaeological field
      research in southeastern Utah, and was a US National Park
      Ranger-Archaeologist at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado ( 1975 ).
      I've been involved in contract archaeology in the lower Hudson Valley
      of NYS for quite some time. I have travelled extensively throughout
      Africa and Central America. Presently I have an internet photo stock
      agency called "Images of Anthropology". Check it out at
      www.imagesofanthropology.com Recently 11 of my photos have been
      published in the new 7th ed. of Peoples and Bailey's cultural
      anthropology text, Humanity--An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      ( Wadsworth Pub Comp. )
      Finally, on a personal note, I would like to add that I am a great
      lover and a man of the people.
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