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Allow me to introduce myself!

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  • Dianne C
    Thanks, Bob, for suggesting this. I guess we should do this about once a year so those folks who haven t been to the meetings, or those we didn t get to meet,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2005
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      Thanks, Bob, for suggesting this. I guess we should do this about once a
      year so those folks who haven't been to the meetings, or those we didn't get
      to meet, or the new folks to the list can get an idea about who is in the

      My name is Dianne Chidester.

      My first SACC meeting was Toronto. I was a graduate student from the
      University of South Carolina looking for a job at the community college
      level. I've been to every SACC meeting since. I now attend because I get
      so much out of the meetings and it seems I'm always looking for a job!!

      My area of interest is the Middle East and North Africa specifically women's
      dances and rituals. My thesis was on Egyptian-American Weddings in the
      Carolinas and how the brides tried to bridge the gaps between the two

      I have good job news. I am happily and gainfully employed at Greenville
      Technical College where I am teaching anthropology and sociology. We have
      two physical anthropologists in the biology department. I'm the first and
      only cultural anthropologist at the school. I'm hoping to connect with the
      physical anthros (they're new, too!) and really get some good anthro
      programs going here. I'm also very happy to be back in the South.

      One of the most important things SACC members have done for me over the
      years is encourage me in my job search and help me find my strengths and
      weaknesses. There were many lunches, dinners, and coffees when folks gave
      me very, very good advice. I appreciate it so much.

      The meetings are very useful to me. I get lots of teaching ideas. I use
      some of them and just like to think about others. I learn about programs in
      other schools--archaeology and travel abroad, for example. I know that when
      I ask for help or suggestions from SACC members, lots of good advice will be
      forthcoming on a wide range of topics.

      I also very much enjoy the site tours during our spring meetings. These
      meetings have given me a chance to visit places I probably wouldn't have
      visited. And we get tours that "normal" folks just don't get. I'll never
      forget going to Monte Alban and our "tour guide" being one of THE
      archaeologists of the site.

      I love the dinners, the late nights in the bar, and the long discussions.
      It gives me a chance to be around anthropologists who understand why I want
      to teach at a community college. I am around other anthros sometimes, but
      for a long time a few of them "looked down" on my choice to teach at "such a
      level." SACC kept me going during these times. I have never felt "talked
      down to" at SACC meetings and a couple of "university-types" have now told
      me how much they appreciate what SACC does--especially with the Five-Fields

      At a new faculty meeting the first week of class here at Greenville Tech, we
      were each asked what one of the most important experiences in our academic
      lives had been. For me it was being given the honor of organizing the 2005
      SACC Spring Conference. This was, without a doubt, one of the most
      rewarding experiences I have ever had. I feel honored to have been asked to
      organize the meetings and was happy to make it possible for SACCers to have
      an opportunity to gather in an interesting place and have new experiences.

      Of course, no organization can meet the needs of all people. However, SACC
      has really been a great experience for me. I have to admit, I am one of the
      extroverts of the group and maybe we get a bit too rowdy for some folks!


      Dianne Lynn Chidester, M.A.
      Anthropology & Sociology
      Greenville Technical College
      506 S. Pleasantburg Dr
      Greenville, SC
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