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RE: [SACC-L] Who is Scott A. Lucas? (Who is SACC?)

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  • Lewine, Mark
    Lloyd presents, as usual, some significant suggestions as well as clarifying the issues. In addition to Scott another non-attending SACC person won the
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      Lloyd presents, as usual, some significant suggestions as well as
      clarifying the issues. In addition to Scott another non-attending SACC
      person won the initial AAA Teaching Award in its first year, along with
      Dave McCurdy. I would certainly support inviting and paying the reg.
      fee for a reception honoring Scott and/or a discussion of "innovative
      teaching at the community college" or some forum to find out more about
      what he has accomplished. I also sincerely hope that we can plan ways
      to activate the idea discussed earlier: Regional webnetworks and
      newsletters coordinated by Regional VP's. If I had some additional
      assistance as SACC VP to organize this effort (hint) I would help get
      this off the ground over the next year or so.

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      Barry & Brian, et.al: two great questions. You've both, in your own
      ways, raised important issues about SACC.

      Barry, your comments about Scott Lukas piqued my interest so I read
      the piece in the AN on him. Wow! If the description is accurate,
      he's accomplished more than I ever imagined possible, and (from his
      photo) he's still a young man. Then I looked up his name on the
      current mailing labels for SACC Notes and sure enough, he's a
      member. However, I also do not remember meeting him at a SACC
      conference (though I'm even older than you). I think I'll write him
      a congratulatory note, but more important, perhaps our president or
      president-elect might invite him to give a presentation in Merida.
      I'd enjoy hearing in more detail about all the stuff he's been
      doing. Maybe SACC could pay his registration and we could have a
      reception to honor him.

      Brian, your comments really got to me; the truth stings. Our
      publication reaches only current members/subscribers-a little over
      300. Our AN column reaches basically the same crowd plus (maybe) a
      few others who happen to read section columns other than their own.
      I believe that the Internet is our main hope for making potentially
      interested people aware of us. We must improve our website: make it
      current with both information and up-to-date linkages that really do
      link. Ann and Jo, if you read this, please communicate with each
      other and update the site. If you can't, let the officers know so
      that other arrangements can be made. I think that an effective
      website should be our top priority.

      As you indicated, Brian, I think that if we grow in the future, it
      will be with adjuncts-the 20 something to 50 yr. old folks who teach
      a variety of subjects including anthropology, with little job
      security and no benefits. I don't know exactly how to reach them or
      make us interesting to them. Tom Stevenson (himself a long-time
      adjunct) wrote an engaging analysis of his college's faculty social
      structure (to be published in the next issue of SACC Notes). A major
      point he makes is that full-time and adjunct faculty observe informal
      rules of not communicating with each other. Perhaps we, the
      comfortably graying, tenured full-timers, need to violate those
      taboos and start talking with adjuncts and welcoming them into our fold.

      With his stated background and accomplishments, perhaps Scott Lukas
      can contribute to this. He sounds like a man with good ideas and the
      skills to make them happen.


      On Oct 3, 2005, at 12:39 PM, Donohue-Lynch, Brian wrote:

      > Hi Barry, et al.
      > Tongue-in-cheek I have modified Barry's original subject line
      > above....to raise a second point.
      > I have been an SACC member for quite a while now, but have not
      > been
      > able to attend the annual meetings regularly. I thoroughly enjoyed
      > meeting with people in Savannah-- my last time with the annual
      > conference was, dare I say, back in Boston! Meanwhile, I have
      > found the
      > newsletter an invaluable part of identifying (and identifying with)
      > the
      > group.
      > But beyond this I am not sure how the average potential member
      > gains a sense of the organization. Now in the 21st century, I would
      > imagine that most people, for one thing, would look to the www for
      > clues, but since the SACC website still reminds us to set our
      > calendars
      > for Savannah, and teases us with buttons to link to regional clusters
      > that do not open in new browsers...it may look to the curious that
      > "the
      > lights are on but nobody is home."
      > One thing that impressed me in Savannah was the ongoing
      > participation and commitment of so many people who have retired! And
      > then there was the wave of listserv messages post-conference that
      > reflected how many more SACC members were heading to retirement as
      > well.
      > As one who started teaching only twelve years ago--in a system with no
      > pension plan--I can only envy all this retirement talk...and wonder,
      > will there be enough of us around who are still teaching, to keep
      > something like the SACC going if not growing?
      > There are only a few of us in the Connecticut Community College
      > system who are anthropologists with regular anthropology courses
      > (many,
      > like myself, cover several areas including sociology). But there have
      > to be more people in our region who would love to get together to feed
      > into SACC activities. It makes me wonder, too, about the other
      > regional
      > groups and how they are doing.
      > Besides sharing this set of thoughts, I wonder what others think
      > about my modification of Barry's original question: Who is SACC?
      > Brian Donohue-Lynch
      > Anthropology/Sociology
      > Quinebaug Valley Community College
      > Danielson, CT 06239
      > www.qvcc.commnet.edu/brian
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      > Subject: [SACC-L] Who is Scott A. Lucas?
      > Hi friends and colleagues,
      > I was glancing at the latest issue of Anthropology News ( Oct/
      > 05 ),
      > and on page 29 found the headline "Robbins and Lukas Awarded for their
      > Teaching". Scott Lukas is chair of the anthropology and sociology
      > programs at Lake Tahoe Community College in California, and certainly
      > has an impressive list of accomplishments. My question--is he now, or
      > has he ever been a member of SACC? Am I just not remembering who
      > he is
      > ( after all, I'm almost 60 ). If he has never been a member of SACC,
      > that is unfortunate, and I would like to ask him, "What the hell is
      > wrong with you? Why haven't you joined our excellent organization"?
      > All for now,
      > Barry
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      ADDRESS!!) for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.
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