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Re: [SACC-L] Re: Who is Scott A. Lucas? (Who can afford to attend a conference?)

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  • Linda Light
    As an adjunct at several institutions, I ve never been able to get any funding from any of them to attend squat-- I ve always had to pay my own way. I ve been
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 5, 2005
      As an adjunct at several institutions, I've never been able to get any funding from any of them to attend squat-- I've always had to pay my own way. I've been able to do so because I fortunately don't have to depend entirely on my income to survive. I found SACC to be a resource that I can't do without, and the meetings are always worth every penny. AAA meetings are useful too, but they don't have the priority for me.
      Linda Light

      Deborah Shepherd <deborah.shepherd@...> wrote:
      Several of you have wondered why Scott Lucas hasn't come to SACC meetings. I have a tangential comment. At my institution, we have very limited personal faculty development money, which is our only source for conference expenses. If I were to use my fund only for attending SACC conferences, I'd be able to go once every four years. In the past, we at least could get our professional memberships paid through our department budgets, but this year, all membership requests were refused. Since the AAA is extremely pricey (compared to any other organization I've tried to join), adding that expense to the additional conference expense means you may see me at a meeting in about four years.

      Do other members (technically I'm not even a member because I haven't paid for a membership since I'm saving my funds for a travel year) have such serious economic problems with SACC participation?


      Deborah J. Shepherd, Ph.D.
      Anthropology and Sociology
      Anoka-Ramsey Community College
      Coon Rapids Campus
      email: deborah.shepherd@...

      Be sure to check out the SACC web page at www.anthro.cc (NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS!!) for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.

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