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FW: Delayed Sept AN

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: Delayed Sept AN

      Please put the following on the SACC listserv. It's Susi Skomal's
      recommendation to anyone who hasn't yet received their September AN.
      Thanks, Lloyd
      got it, thanks! about the sept AN, they were mailed to everyone second
      class on sept 25. i've noticed that the delivery pattern varies tremendously
      around the country. in many cases the mail is considerably slowed on
      university campuses, those who give us their home addresses usually get
      their copies much sooner. for those who haven't yet received Sept, i would
      recommend contacting our membership/subscription dept directly
      (members@...; <mailto:members@...;>
      703/528-1902 ext 3031 or 3032). they will be able to check the addresses and
      usually mail out a replacement copy first class. yes, we were seriously
      backed up in the production dept, what with the abstracts, program,
      preliminary program AND Guide-all demand first priority this time of the
      year...we're on track with the November edition, if anyone cares.
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