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FW: 3/18/99 Daily Report from ACADEME TODAY

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      Academe Today's DAILY REPORT
      for subscribers of The Chronicle of Higher Education

      * TERRY O'BANION, the president of the League for Innovation in
      the Community College, has announced that he will retire in
      December after having led the organization for 23 years.


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      University of California at Berkeley, teaches people how to
      use technology in telling stories about their own lives.

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      NEW GRANT COMPETITIONS: Grants to improve postsecondary


      A glance at the winter issue of "Daedalus":
      The state of the liberal-arts college

      In "Distinctively American: The Residential Liberal Arts
      Colleges," 15 college presidents, professors, and notable
      graduates of liberal-arts colleges examine the contributions of
      those institutions to American intellectual life and the
      challenges facing them. In the preface to the issue, Stephen R.
      Graubard, the editor of the journal, writes that liberal-arts
      colleges have helped American higher education by recognizing
      the value of learning and the exchange of ideas, not
      "credentialing" designed to guarantee employment. Yet, he
      writes, liberal-arts colleges receive far less attention in the
      news media than do large public universities, and the attributes
      that make the American system unique "are generally lost sight
      of." In other essays, contributors such as Steven Koblik, the
      president of Reed College, Hugh Hawkins, a history professor at
      Amherst College, and the Rev. Peter J. Gomes, a professor and
      minister of Harvard University's Memorial Church, reflect upon
      the history, identity, and values of liberal-arts colleges.
      Other contributors include Michael S. McPherson, the president
      of Macalester College, on the economic challenges of
      liberal-arts colleges; Richard H. Hersh, president of Hobart and
      William Smith Colleges, on generating ideals; and Priscilla W.
      Laws, a physics professor at Dickinson College, on approaches to
      science and mathematics teaching. The journal's World-Wide Web
      address is http://daedalus.amacad.org/daehome.html


      * "From Rural Hinterland to Suburban Metropolis: Celebrating the
      100th Anniversary of Nassau County, Long Island," a conference,
      takes place today through Saturday at Hofstra University, in
      Hempstead, N.Y.

      * Florida International University holds a conference on Cuban
      and Cuban-American studies today through Saturday in Miami.

      * "Migrating Bodies: Movements in Ethnic, Racial, and Gender
      Discourses," the annual conference of the Society for the Study
      of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States, takes place
      today through Sunday at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville.

      * The American Mathematical Society meets today through Sunday
      in Urbana, Ill.

      * Colgate Rochester Divinity School holds a conference on the
      social gospel today through Saturday in Rochester, N.Y.

      * "Crimes Against Children," a symposium sponsored by the
      University of New Haven, takes place today and Friday in West
      Haven, Conn.

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      You may visit Academe Today as follows:

      * via the World-Wide Web, at http://chronicle.com
      * via telnet at chronicle.com

      For information, send a message to help-today@...

      Copyright (c) 1999 The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc.
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