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from Dan Segal re: 2006 meetings

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  • Dianne C
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2005
      >SA Colleagues,
      >In my capacity as the SCA representative to the SA, I am sharing with you
      >the following resolution from the SCA Board, regarding the 2006 AAA
      >"The members of the SCA Executive Board support a relocation of the
      >2006 annual meeting to San Jose (our first choice) or Vancouver.
      >While both are attractive options, San Jose is our first choice
      >because it is likely to have greater political impact. We do not,
      >however, support a relocation to Anaheim, as we do not believe that
      >site is in accord with the AAA policy of strongly preferring
      >unionized facilities. We very much appreciate the proactive stance
      >the AAA Executive Board is taking, and its effort to involve the
      >Section Assembly in this decision."
      >Sincerely, Dan
      >From: Kim Baker [mailto:kbaker@...]
      >Sent: Thu 6/2/2005 12:22 PM
      >To: Alice Kehoe/Paul Doughty (E-mail); Bennetta Jules-Rosette (E-mail);
      >Bill Irons (E-mail); Catherine Lutz (E-mail); Christa Craven (E-mail);
      >Craig Janes (E-mail); Dan Segal; Dan Segal; Dianne Lynn Chidester (E-mail);
      >Dorothy Holland (E-mail); Gabriela Vargas Cetina (E-mail); Jafari Sinclaire
      >Allen (E-mail); Jeanne Simonelli (E-mail); Jenny B White (E-mail); John
      >Baker (E-mail); John R Bowen (E-mail); Joseph (Pat) Gray (E-mail); Kathryn
      >M. Anderson-Levitt (E-mail); Laura Miller (E-mail); Leanne Hinton (E-mail);
      >Lee D Baker (E-mail); Leslie Lieberman (E-mail); Mari Lyn Salvador
      >(E-mail); Mary K Anglin (E-mail); Meg Conkey (E-mail); Michael Lambek
      >(E-mail); Micki Iris (E-mail); Miriam Chaiken (E-mail); Murray Leaf
      >(E-mail); Paule Cruz Takash (E-mail); Pauline Turner Strong (E-mail);
      >persephone Hintlian (E-mail); Peter Biella (E-mail); Peter Brown (E-mail);
      >Robert Hayden (E-mail); Rudy Gaudio (E-mail); Susan Greenbaum (E-mail); Tom
      >Sheridan (E-mail)
      >Subject: A report from Liz Brumfiel (w cover from Dan Segal) on the 2006
      >Annual Meeting
      >Dear Section Assembly Colleagues,
      >I am forwarding to you a report from AAA President Liz Brumfiel regarding
      >the AAA meeting of 2006. It is now scheduled to be held in San Francisco,
      >where there continues to be a stand-off between UNITE HERE and the hotel
      >management consortium. You are encouraged to discuss this report with your
      >own boards and to provide feedback to the EB, by sending comments to me
      >(dsegal@...), Liz, (ebrumfiel@...), and
      >President-Elect Alan Goodman (agoodman@...).
      >Electronic discussion within the SA may also be fruitful.
      >Sincerely, Dan (qua SA Convenor)
      > <<AAA.Board.LRC.rept.doc>>
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