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Re: [SACC-L] rights of retirement

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  • Ann Kaupp
    Lloyd, love it. You are my role model. Ann ... Dear SACC Colleagues: I recently wrote a piece I call Rights of Retirement for a long-time friend and
    Message 1 of 4 , May 4, 2005
      Lloyd, love it. You are my role model. Ann

      >>> lloyd.miller@... 05/04 11:15 AM >>>
      Dear SACC Colleagues:

      I recently wrote a piece I call "Rights of Retirement" for a long-time
      friend and colleague who's retiring this spring (some of you might
      remember sociologist Mike Delaney from the Boston meetings*he gave a
      presentation on Irish Travellers: SACC NOTES, 7:1, 2000). Since a
      number of you have asked me questions about retirement, I thought you
      might enjoy the piece, pasted below:


      Rights of Retirement
      By Lloyd Miller
      April 2005

      You have the right to:
      * Not carry a calendar.
      * Not use an alarm clock (except to get up for fishing, and then you'll
      probably awaken before it goes off).
      * Selectively ignore or forget what doesn't interest you.
      * Speak your mind; no one can fire you and unless you seek elective
      office, no one will care.
      * Not be responsible for knowing what day of the week it is (if you
      adapt successfully, it will make no difference anyway).
      * Leave matters you can't correct or resolve (and never could) to those
      working folks who still believe they can.
      * Remain in your bathrobe, pajamas (or whatever), read the paper and
      sip your beverage of choice for as long as you bloody well choose.
      * Choose what you do on the basis of what you want to do, not what
      others want you to do.
      * Give advice freely, using sentences that begin with phrases like, "I
      remember*" or "When I was*.."
      * Walk tall and proud in the public environs on weekdays, master (with
      other retirees) of all you survey, and keep away from the roads, motels
      and malls on weekends when, in droves, working folks frantically seek
      their pleasures.
      * Ignore those (non-retirees*mostly stock brokers and insurance agents)
      who tell you you're spending too much money and not saving enough for
      the future. You have entered the future, and if ever the phrase, "If
      it feels good, do it" was applicable, it's now.
      * Take advantage of all "seniors" benefits that come your way. Sure, a
      lot of it is commercial pandering but it's surprising what you can save
      sometimes. May the Force (of AARP) be with you!

      If you do not exercise these rights, you may find yourself slipping
      back into the "working stiff" mentality (frenzied, overwhelmed,
      overloaded and totally stressed out), but with less pay and no
      additional benefits.

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