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Fremont Minutes

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    Bob has commented that SACC-L may not allow attachments of any kind. In any event, please find the minutes below as part of the body of the message. Society
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      Bob has commented that SACC-L may not allow attachments of any kind. In any
      event, please find the minutes below as part of the body of the message.

      Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges
      Minutes of Executive Board Meeting and Business Meeting
      Ohlone College
      Fremont California
      November 18, 2004

      The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by Phillip Naftaly, president. Diane
      Levine was appointed temporary secretary. The minutes of the previous meeting
      were not read they were not available.

      President’s Report (Phil Naftaly)
      • Dianne Chidester and Bob Muckle will be going to the AAA meeting in Atlanta
      and Bob Muckle will chair the 5 Fields Update Session.
      • The annual meeting will be in Savannah in March 2005
      • The Electronic Information Committee will report at that time.
      • Stacy Lathrop, of the Anthropology Newsletter, is asking for commentary on the
      AAA meeting. Send e-mails to her to create a dialogue.
      • Phil Stein asked if we will take a stand on helping AAA when they figure out
      their losses.
      • Mark Lewine stated that we should have representatives to the general section
      • Lloyd Miller discussed AAA’s role and SACC’s relationship to it. He encouraged
      Tony Balzano, Bob Muckle and Dianne Chidester to convey the SACC position to

      VP’s Report (Mark Lewine)
      • A brochure for the spring meeting has been sent out; please give them to your
      • 840 community colleges have been contacted thru AACE; there was discussion
      about the full time/part time ratios.
      • In the immediate future Mark plans to work on publicizing SACC in order to
      have more subscribers.
      • Tribal colleges group want to form a collaboration with SACC.

      Program Chair Report and Past President’s Report
      (Bob Muckle)
      • In the wake of the rescheduling of the AAA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, The 5
      fields update session will take place although it is unclear if all of the
      presenters will attend. If some are absent, they may send their papers to be
      • It is difficult dealing with AAA.

      Treasurer’s Report (Mel Johnson)

      • Regular Members—202
      • Students—62
      • Associate members—4
      • Sustaining members—1
      • Subscribers—5

      • Money: There has been a $5000 net increase, but some bills have not been paid

      • Net assets $19,600.

      • Anthrosource—General budget and publication budget. 200-300 journals on-line.

      • Proposal:

      o Either use money designated ($500 for President’s Award) or take it out of the
      o Return to paying some expenses of Board members attending AAA and SACC

      Editor’s Report (Lloyd Miller)
      • Kokopelli has been removed from SACC notes.
      • Papers presented at this meeting should be submitted for publication.
      • The past president listing will be just names and years
      • Anthrosource will be digitized in 2007.

      WEB/ Listserv Report (Jo Rainey Rodgers and Phil Stein)

      • The New Web Site has been set up
      • They will make a web page for each field.

      Old Business

      Mission Statement (Phil Naftaly)

      By-Laws Article II, Purposes:

      The purpose of this organization shall be
      a. to stimulate communication and cooperation among anthropologists and teachers
      of anthropology in community colleges, colleges and precollegiate institutions;
      b. to stimulate instructional curriculum and program development in the school
      and to aid in the important…of teaching anthropology.

      • Suggestions for changes and comments will be asked on the list-serv. Changes
      will be decided at the meeting in Savannah.

      The meeting was adjourned at 1:40.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Diane Levine
      Temporary Secretary

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