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FW: Film reviews

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Please put this out on the SACC ListServ. Thanks, Lloyd.
      Dear Colleagues,
      California Newsreel is a non-profit distributor of films from Africa and the
      Caribbean. Our publication, Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes (TASN), has
      printed their ads in past issues and will include an ad for their 1999-2000
      catalog in our next issue. I would like to solicit reviewers for some of
      their films and publish the reviews in TASN. Their Library of African
      Cinema has a collection of 55 titles from 21 African nations, including 14
      new releases for this year.
      Many of the films are in French or other African languages but all have
      English subtitles. They are catalogued under the following categories:
      Millenial Perspectives, Colonialiasm & Liberation, Autocracy & Democracy,
      Anthropology & Folklife, Gender & Women's Studies, South Africa and Popular
      Anyone interested in previewing and/or writing a review of one or more films
      may contact California Newsreel, 149 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103;
      Voice 415-621-6196; Fax 415-621-6522; E-mail contact@...;
      <mailto:contact@...;> Web www.newsreel.org
      <http://www.newsreel.org> . When you've completed the review, send it to
      me, Lloyd Miller, Editor, TASN, 650 48th Street, Des Moines, IA 50312, tel
      515-255-0975 or 515-964-6435; fax 515-965-7301; E-mail ljmil@...
      <mailto:ljmil@...> . Thank you.
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