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FW: A message from the AnthroSource Steering Committee

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  • Dianne C
    Thought y all might be interested in this correspondence regarding AnthrosSource. -- Dianne
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2005
      Thought y'all might be interested in this correspondence regarding
      AnthrosSource. -- Dianne

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      >Subject: A message from the AnthroSource Steering Committee
      >Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:56:44 -0500
      >For your information, the following is a letter from the AnthroSource
      >Steering Committee in response to issues raised last week by Polly Strong.
      >Dear Polly Strong,
      >Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your concerns regarding
      >AnthroSource . On behalf of the AnthroSource Steering Committee (ASSC), I
      >can respond regarding the AnthroSource essay contest and the use of images
      >on the site. Digital revenue allocation issues fall outside of the direct
      >purview of the AnthroSource Steering Committee and are better addressed by
      >others within AAA.
      >The contest and prize money were conceived as a means to expand
      >participation in the development of AnthroSource by seeking ideas from a
      >wide array of users. We are seeking essays describing creative or
      >innovative ideas about the ways in which AnthroSource could shape
      >anthropological research-- which could include concerns about possible
      >negatives and suggestions as to how to address them. The prize is to
      >encourage contributions from those who might not otherwise find time to
      >participate. We chose to publish the essays in Anthropology News as a
      >means of sharing with the larger AAA community ideas we received about
      >developing AnthroSource. This type of prize offering and publication is
      >common in academia and we believe it is an appropriate means for involving
      >the larger community of anthropologists in the development of AnthroSource.
      >Regarding the use of images on AnthroSource, I can assure you that this
      >topic has generated much debate among ASSC members. At one point, when the
      >site did not have any images, it was criticized for not evoking
      >anthropology. The current images were added with the knowledge that we
      >would have to take up the matter more thoroughly in our planned review of
      >the design of the site. The use of images also clearly has repercussions
      >for the entire project to put past and future publications online, and you
      >rightly observe that it calls for the explicit participation of AAA members
      >with expertise in cultural representation. I accept your offer to provide
      >names of AAA members who might advise in this area and hope you will
      >forward names to me so that I can work toward incorporating this expertise
      >into the design review process.
      >Finally, I very much appreciate your contacting the ASSC with your concerns
      >as I believe that AnthroSource will be a more viable resource if we work
      >collaboratively on the sticky and complex issues that are involved in
      >developing the portal as a robust and vital resource for anthropological
      >research. I trust we will be able to work toward a resolution of the
      >issues you have raised so that you will be able to recommend AnthroSource
      >to your students, colleagues and librarians.
      >Best regards,
      >Suzanne Calpestri
      >Suzanne H. Calpestri
      >The John H. Rowe Librarian
      >and Director
      >The George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library
      >230 Kroeber Hall
      >University of California
      >Berkeley, California 94720-3710
      >phone: (510) 642-5339
      >fax: (510) 643-9293
      >email: scalpest@... <mailto:scalpest@...>
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      >Subject: Re: How will AnthroSource Transform Anthropological Scholarship?
      >Dear Leslie Chan and AnthroSource Steering Committee:
      >As the President of a journal-producing section that is still waiting for a
      >fair and equitable revenue-sharing formula, I object strongly to the use of
      >AnthroSource funds as incentives for authors to contribute to the
      >Anthropology Newsletter. In developing its business model, AnthroSource
      >must stop taking its "content providers" for granted.
      >As a user of AnthroSource I also strongly object to the objectifying use of
      >cultural images on the site. If the AnthroSource Steering Committee does
      >not have expertise in cultural representation, I would be happy to suggest
      >some names from among the contributors to Cultural Anthropology. I would
      >also be happy to write a column for AN on this problem (for free!). I find
      >it so embarrassing and inappropriate that I am refusing to refer students,
      >colleagues, and librarians to the site until the problem is remedied.
      >I look forward to your response on these two issues. I am copying this
      >note to the members of the SCA Board, AN editor Stacy Lathrop, and Dan
      >Segal, Convernor of the Section Assembly.
      >Yours sincerely,
      >Pauline Strong, President,
      >Society for Cultural Anthropology
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