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FW: Archaeology in SE Europe (fwd)

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      Subject: Archaeology in SE Europe (fwd)

      [Information on new items on SE European archaeology, forwarded by request.
      Please use any contact information below. Thanks, Hugh.]

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      Subject: Archaeology in SE Europe

      a new information on archaeology in SE Europe follows:
      1. Dr. D. Boteva, Assistant Professor at the University of Sofia,
      offers a thorough study ("Lower Moesia and Thrace in the Roman Imperial
      System (A.D. 193-217/218)", in Bulgarian, 377 pp, including 37 pp summary
      in English, ISBN 954-07-0711-0, 70/100/16) of all available sources on the
      development of Lower Moesia and Thrace in the Roman Imperial system under
      the Early Severi. The authors argues a new research method, based on a
      historical approach towards the provincial coinage combined with the
      evidence of the synchronous epigraphic material and the ancient authors.
      This enables her to clarify the chronology of the legati Augusti and to
      reconstruct some unknown features of the Imperial development:
      Trans-Danubian (Getic?) invasions in Lower Moesia at the end of the
      2nd/beginning of the 3rd c. AD and proclamations of co-rulers provoked by
      these invasions - a practice, which found its final stage of development
      about a century later with the establishment of the Tetrarchy.
      Price: 16 USD incl. postage - surface, registered.
      NOUS Pub. Ltd. is the only one distributor of this book.
      2. NOUS Publishers Ltd. has just struck off a volume "The Limes on
      Lower Danube from Diocletianus till Heraclius", which includes 37 papers of
      scholars from Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Ukraine,
      Yugoslavia that have been presented at an International Conference in
      Svishtov, Bulgaria during 1.-.5.9.98.
      Colored paper back, pp. 310, 158 ill., 20 X 28 cm, ISBN
      954-90387-2-6 Languages: English, German, French.
      1. M. Zahariade: The Tetrarchic Building Activity at the Lower
      Danube: I.
      2. M. Mirkovic: Eine Schiffslaende des spaeten 6. Jahrhunderts
      bei Viminacium?
      3. M. Vasic: Transdrobeta (Pontes) in the Late Antiquity
      4. K. Dimitrov: Monnaies et instruments de pesage antiques de
      Castra Martis
      5. G. Kabakcieva: Das spaetroemische Oescus. Ein Gebaeude mit
      Podium und
      Kanalhypokaustenanlage auf dem Forum
      6. T. Sarnowski: Die Principia von Novae im spaeten 4. und
      fruehen 5. Jh.
      7. Z. Kalinowski: The Temple Complex at the Episcopal Residence
      in Novae
      8. A. Biernacki: A Marble Sigma-shaped Mensa from Novae
      9. E. Klenina: Table and Cooking Pottery of the 4th-6th c. AD
      from the
      Excavations of the Episcopal Residence in Novae
      10. E. Genceva: la production dans le camp militaire romain
      Novae pendant la Basse Antiquite (a l'instar du scamnum tribunorum)
      11. P. Dyczek: A Glass Atelier from Sector IV in Novae
      12. M. Cicikova: Lampes paleobyzantines de Novae
      13. A. Milceva: Eine Glasschale mit eingeschliffenem Dekor aus
      14. R. Ivanov: Eine neue lateinische Inschrift aus Novae
      15. V. Naydenova: Le culte de Mithra a Novae (Mesie Inferieure)
      16. M. Tatcheva: Les inscriptions greques de Novae (Moesia
      17. J. Skoczylas: Das Gestein aus dem Steinbruch von Hotnica und
      die architektonischen Elemente in den roemischen Bauwerken von Niedermoesien
      18. D. Makowiecki: Animal Economy in the Microregion of Novae in
      the Light of its Archaeozoological Data
      19. B. Doehle: Beobachtungen zur Bebauung und Bauabfolge im
      Westabschnitt von Iatrus (Perioden A bis D)
      20. D. Stancev: Das Praetorium des Kastells Iatrus. Vorlaeufiger
      21. G.v. Buelow: Die Bebauung an der Nordseite der via praetoria
      in Iatrus
      22. V. Dintchev: Sur la caracteristique d'Iatrus (deuxieme
      moitie du Ive-debut du Ve s.)
      23. S. Conrad: Zu Typologie und Funktionsbestimmung der Amphoren
      aus dem
      Kastell Iatrus
      24. G. Gomolka-Fuchs: Eine fruehvoelkerwanderungszeitliche
      Nephritschnalle aus dem spaetroemischen Limeskastell Iatrus in Nordbulgarien
      25. K. Wachtel: Fragment einer Bauinschrift aus den Jahren
      340/350, gefunden im spaetantiken Kastell Iatrus
      26. D. Stancev: Eine Befestigung beim Dorf Batin (Gebiet Ruse)
      27. A. Poulter: "Gradishte" near Dichin: a New Late Roman
      Fortress on the
      Lower Danube
      28. L. Vagalinski: Die spaetroemische noerdliche Festungsmauer
      29. E. Petkov: Le role de Transmarisca dans le limes des
      30. G. Milosevic/P. Donevski: The Late Antique Tombs at Silistra
      31. I Bogdan Cataniciu: Changements du projet de la citadelle
      Tropaeenses a l'epoque constantinienne
      32. S. Torbatov: A Note on Dinogetia
      33. I. Opris: Decoration Techniques and Motifs of the Late Roman
      and Early Byzantine Ceramics. Fine Wares in Scythia Minor (4th-6th c.AD)
      34. L. Ruseva-Slokoska: On Some Aspects of the Late Roman
      Jewellery along the Right Bank of the Lower Danube Limes
      35. P. Vladkova: Amulets Made of Bone and Horn from Lower Moesia
      36. Z. Goceva: Eine interessante Aeusserung des Silvanus-Kultes
      im Gebiet des unteren Donanulimes
      37. A. Barnea: Le Bas Danube entre paganisme et christianisme
      3. Fol, A. (Ed.). Der thrakische Silberschatz aus Rogozen, Bulgarien:
      Sofia 1989;23 X 20,8 (tall) cm; paper back; 202 pp.;190 ill (lavish ill.).

      Payment: check (just in case of a quantity), remittance (USD, DEM);
      VISA, Euro/MasterCard, JCB (USD).
      4. ARCHAEOLOGIA BULGARICA - the only one Bulgarian journal of
      archaeology in foreign language: English (most of the papers), German,

      4.1. Issue III 1999/2 of Archaeologia Bulgarica has been recently
      struck off:
      Guadelli,J.-L./Delpech, F. (F)/Guadelli, A./Miteva, V.:
      Etudes de la faune
      des niveaux
      gravettiens de la grotte Kozarnika (Bulgarie du Nord):
      Paunova, V.: Warrior's Belt Appliques from Thrace (6th-4th
      c. BC)::15
      Nikov, K.: "Aeolian" Bucchero in Thrace?:.31
      Bozkova, A./Delev, P.: Two Bronze Vessels from Roman Thrace
      with Producer
      Nenova, R../Angelov, A.: A Rich Thracian's Grave from
      Conrad, S. (D)/Stancev, D.: Unveroffentlichte Grabdenkmaler
      vom romischen
      an der unteren Donau::::::61
      Popova, Tz.: Paleoethnobotanical and Anthracological
      Analisys from Roman
      Nicopolis ad Istrum and a Late Antique Hillfort by Village
      of Dichin
      (Northern Bulgaria)::::::...69
      Manolova, M.: Medieval Ceramics with a Micaceous Coating
      from Plovdiv
      (11th-12th c.):::::::.77
      Borisov, B.: A Study on the Mediaeval House from the
      11th-12th Centuries in
      Southeastern Bulgaria:.83
      Milosevic, G.: Housing in Medieval Serbia. Belgrade 1997. (Goryanova, S.):93
      On the cover: A middle paleolithic flint leaf-point from Muselievo site,
      Pleven district (Northern Bulgaria), ca. 40000 BP.
      4.2. The ninth issue (III 1999 3) will be printed out in
      Nikolova, L.: Dubene-Sarovka IIB1-3 in the Upper Stryama Valley (towards the
      periodization and chronology of Early Bronze II in the Balkans)::1-8
      Golubovic, S. (YU): A Grave in the Shape of a Well from the Necropolis of
      Viminacium::9-22 Boteva, D.: Two Notes on D. Clodius Albinus:::::::23-28
      Kullef, I./Djingova, R./Kabakchieva, G.: On the Origin of the Roman Pottery
      from Moesia Inferior (North Bulgaria)::::29-38 Dintchev, V.: Classification
      of the Late Antique Cities in the Dioceses of Thracia and Dacia:39-74
      Daskalov, M./Dimitrov, D.: Ein Paar anthropozoomorphe Bugelfibeln (des. sog.
      Dnjeprtyps) aus Sudbulgarien::...75-80
      Atanasov, G.: On the Origin, Function and the Owner of the Adornments of the
      Preslav Treasure from the 10th Century:81-94
      Harhoiu, R.: Die fruhe Volkerwanderungszeit in Rumanien. Bukarest 1998.
      (Curta, F. USA):95-100

      On the cover: Stone portrait of Roman emperor Diocletian (284-305), National
      Museum of Archaeology-Sofia.
      Editor: Mr. Lyudmil Ferdinandov VAGALINSKI Ph.D. (Institute of Archaeology
      at Sofia)
      ARCHAEOLOGIA BULGARICA is a four-month journal (thrice a year; 20 X 28 cm;
      ca. 100 pages and ca. 80 illustrations per a number; coloured cover) which
      presents a publishing forum for research in archaeology in the widest sense
      of the word. There are no restrictions for time and territory but
      Southeastern Europe is the accent.
      Objective: interdisciplinary research of archaeology.
      Contents: articles, reviews and news.
      Languages: English, German and French.
      Intended readers: Scholars and students of the following fields:
      Archaeology, Numismatics, Epigraphy, Ancient History, Medieval History,
      Oriental Studies, Pre- and Early History, Byzantine Studies, Anthropology,
      Palaeobotany, Archaeozoology, History of Religion, of Art, of Architecture,
      of Technology, of Medicine, Sociology etc.
      Payment: check, remittance (USD or DM); VISA, Euro/MasterCard, JCB (USD).
      Annual subscription price payable in advance till April 30th: $ 54 (incl.
      Annual price for back issues: $ 59 (incl. postage)
      Single fascicles (current and back numbers): $ 29 (incl. postage)
      An exchange is not possible.
      Copyright 1997 by NOUS Publishers Ltd, 1000 Sofia, P.O.B. 1275
      Fax: +359 2/963 01 41; 963 35 08
      ISSN 1310-9537 Printed in Bulgaria
      Sorry for the long message!
      Dr. Lyudmil F. Vagalinski
      LVagalin@...-link.com <mailto:LVagalin@...-link.com>

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