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Fwd: Savannah Meetings

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  • Lloyd Miller
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2005
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      > From: "Dianne C" <dianneky@...>
      > Date: Mon Feb 7, 2005 12:57:29 PM US/Central
      > To: lloyd.miller@...
      > Subject: Savannah Meetings
      > Lloyd, Could you send this out for me?  I still can't seem to "talk"
      > with the listserve.  Thanks!  -- Dianne
      > Hey, y'all!
      > I just wanted to remind you to register for the Society for
      > Anthropology in Community Colleges meetings in Savannah.  Let me know
      > if you need information and I'll be happy to send it to you.
      > Be sure to visit some of the Savannah websites to find out what all
      > will be going on while we're there.  Our hotel, the Days Inn Historic,
      > puts you right in the middle of everything.  And, as I sent out
      > earlier, the Savannah Music Festival will be on while we are there.
      > Also, just as a fun note, I just watched "Midnight in the Garden of
      > Good and Evil."   It's great fun to see some of Savannah that you'll
      > recognize once you get there.  For those of you familiar with "The
      > Book" and the movie, there's a tour that will take you to all the
      > important places in the book.  Our hotel is very near "Club One",
      > which is The Lady Chabils' club.  I've checked the schedule and it
      > looks like she won't be in Savannah then, but there's always dancing
      > and shows at Club One, if you're interested.
      > Also, Ann Knaupp is putting together a bibliography on the Gullah to
      > be handed out at the meetings.  I've seen some of this info and it
      > will be an extraordinary resource for you.
      > See y'all in Savannah!
      > Cheers!
      > Dianne Chidester
      > dianneky@...

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