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  • Lloyd Miller
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      > From: "Susan Skomal" <sskomal@...>
      > Date: Thu Jan 27, 2005 12:57:15 PM US/Central
      > To: "Lloyd Miller" <lloyd.miller@...>
      > Cc: <majohns@...>, <dianne.chidester@...>, "Suzanne
      > Mattingly" <smattingly@...>, "Sandy Berlin" >
      > <sberlin@...>
      > Subject: RE: a gentle reminder
      > Lloyd, here's my summary of the budget modeling I've done to see what
      > it would cost for SACC Notes to join AnthroSource in 2005. Note that
      > I've assumed 2005, as we don't have real numbers for either 2006 or
      > 2007.
      > To join AnthroSource there will be 4 new costs for SACC Notes. These
      > are estimated to be as follows:
      > 1. UCP typesetting = $400
      > 2. UCP Marketing & Administration fee = $602
      > 3. UCP Production Editing Coordination = $637
      > 4. UCP Fulfillment = $78
      > [These are estimates only, because the expenses for #2-4 above are
      > calculated in relation to all other AAA publications that are served
      > by UCP. AAA is charged a flat fee for services by UCP, thus as we add
      > more publications to the pool, the lower the costs for everyone.]
      > These costs are in addition to the other expenses currently in your
      > budget:
      > $822 for printing (Note that I've substituted the UCP bid for the
      > $900 budgeted for 05 by SACC)
      > $750 for postage
      > $60 for copyrighting 2 issues
      > $200 for your travel
      > $510 for Online Operating Expenses
      > $24 for Digital Preservation
      > The total publication expense for production of both the print and
      > digital versions would come to $4,066 in this model, versus $2444 that
      > was in the FY05 budget. To do this in 05 and also maintain the same
      > expenses budgeted for other activities in 05, SACC would have to dip
      > into its fund balance for 22% of the total ($3,133),
      > or-alternatively--cut expenses elsewhere or increase revenue (e.g.,
      > via raising dues, mid-year meeting registration fees).
      > By way of reminder, there is another option for including SACC Notes
      > in AnthroSource. This would not make the publication available
      > immediately, or as published, but it would be a means of archiving it
      > and keeping it in the community of anthropology publications for
      > research purposes over the long term. This would involve budgeting
      > monies every 2-3 years to have the published pages converted for
      > inclusion in the portal. The cost is estimated to be about $4 per
      > article. As we discussed, an article is defined as a discrete set of
      > information that one might want to search for. By way of example, see
      > how the earlier SACC Notes issues have been converted. The list of
      > Section Officers and Section news are coded as distinct sets of
      > information, as are research reports and articles such as the 5 fields
      > update series.
      > To participate in this fashion, you would not need to budget for UCP
      > typesetting, Marketing & Admin, Production Editing Coordination and
      > Fulfillment expenses. You would, however, need to think ahead each
      > year and budget for conversion expenses at the rate above.
      > One caveat, however, as we go forward AAA will have decreasing ability
      > to provide such services as fulfillment, copyright assignment,
      > permissions, and subscription management at our offices here. To the
      > extent that these services are needed by SACC Notes in the future, we
      > may not be able to provide them at the level that we have in the past.
      > Also, the benefits of having continuity over the long-term that is
      > afforded by UCP should also be considered. Eventually, when you want
      > to spend more of your time traveling or your musical career takes off,
      > SACC may not be able to find a replacement who is as proficient in
      > desk-top publishing or who is able to broker the great deal that you
      > have through your institution for printing and mailing.
      > I'm attaching the SACC Notes budget and budget analysis charts that
      > illustrate this model.
      > Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. Note that I'll
      > be away on AnthroSource business from Feb 3 through the 10th. Cheers,
      > Susi
      > <<Model Budget Analysis-SACC 05.doc>> <<Model Budget SACC-05.xls>>
      > Susan Skomal, Ph.D.
      > Director, Publications Department
      > American Anthropological Association
      > 2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600
      > Arlington, VA 22201-3357
      > Tel: 703/528-1902 ext 3013
      > Fax: 703/528-3546
      > sskomal@...
      > http://www.aaanet.org
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      > From: Lloyd Miller [mailto:lloyd.miller@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 3:17 PM
      > To: Susan Skomal
      > Subject: a gentle reminder
      > Hi Susi,
      > Just wondering if you've been able to get me approximate cost figures
      > for fulfillment and marketing fees for SACC Notes.
      > Cheers,
      > Lloyd

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