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  • Lloyd Miller
    Dear Colleagues, Two items of business: First, 14 years of SACC Notes are now digitized and available online through AnthroSource. You might like to take a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
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      Dear Colleagues,

      Two items of business:

      First, 14 years of SACC Notes are now digitized and available online
      through AnthroSource. You might like to take a look at them if you
      haven't already. Go to the AAA website and log in with your user name
      (e-mail address) and password, then click on AnthroSource, then click
      "journals." You'll get a list of all the AAA publications. Click on
      ours, then select the issue. If you want to see a particular article,
      click on the PDF notation and it will be downloaded to your desktop as
      a PDF file. You'll see that the articles appear exactly as the printed
      originals. I think it's kinda cool, really.

      Second, Mel and I have been communicating with AAA staff and have some
      information regarding AnthroSource costs and options that I'd like to
      share with you. As you know, we'll need to discuss this issue at
      length in Savannah and come to some kind of decision during 2005 about
      how we want to proceed as a AAA section. Accordingly, I'm pasting
      below recent correspondence and forwarding separately with attachments
      a detailed cost and expense breakdown for SACC from (AAA Publications
      Director) Susi Skomal.
      Some of you have already received some of this correspondence and
      others have not, and I'd like as many of our members as possible to
      have this information prior to Savannah. Therefore, please forgive any
      duplication. I know that not all of us will be in Savannah and I don't
      know how many of our members read the SACC listserv. However, I think
      that any e-mail discussion we can have prior to Savannah will only
      serve us well.


      From: "Melvin Johnson" <majohns1@...>
      Date: Fri Dec 24, 2004 2:13:40 PM US/Central
      Subject: AnthroSource--notes from AAA meeting

      Okay guys, we have to make a decision at our meetings in Savannah. In
      order to facilitate that process, I am enclosing the notes that I made
      from my meetings with Sandy Berlin and Suzie Skomal, I am also emailing
      them a copy of them so that they may correct anything that I may have
      1. UCP is preparing their 2007 budget beginning this spring (April or
      so) and if we go with UCP it will be in 2007.
      2. If we go online in 2007, we must begin working with UCP in 2006.
      3. The advantage with going through AAA, from their perspective, is
      that there would be continuity in the event of editorship change.
      4. Current budget for SACC Notes/Teaching Anthropology (in 2005) is
      the following: Digital Publication expense (this is for the back
      issues through 2003) to be maintained--this is an expense which we must
      bear in perpetuity--$534; print publication expense with duplication,
      postage, and editor expense totals $1,910 (is should be noted that we
      have seldom used this entire amount)
      5. Our issues from 1991 - 2003 were digitized with Mellon grant funds,
      issues in 2004, 2005, and 2006, we will have to pay for at
      approximately $4/article. This will increase the cost of our Digital
      Publication expense by approximately 10 cents per page.
      6. If we publish on-line with AnthroSource and continue to produce a
      print copy as we are currently doing then the following additional
      charges will apply. UCP Marketing and Administration Fee, UCP
      Production and Editing Coordination Fee, and UCP Fulfillment Fee will
      apply. (The approximate amounts for these fees I am not sure of at the
      moment. But they are significant, we will also have to bear the cost of
      coding which will also be the case if we have UCP print and distribute
      the copies also.
      7. If we wish to have UCP do the printing and distribution of SACC
      Notes, the fees will be approximately $400 for composition, $800 for
      printing, and $750 for distribution, plus anything we deem necessary
      for the editor for telephone, postage, etc.
      8. I asked S. Skomal about pressure upon SACC if we decide not to do
      this. My concern is with the Mellon grant which in essence guarantees
      that all print publications will be switched to online by 2006. AAA is
      not consistent in their response to the situation of some publications
      not going with AnthroSource. Some believe that as long as the peer
      reviewed publications are converted then Mellon will be happy, some
      insist that all need to be switched in order to meet the requirements
      of the grant. I was assured by S. Skomal that no undue pressure would
      be placed upon SACC if we opt out at this time.
      9. Things which we must consider:
      a. Current editorship--what happens when we change editors?
      b. Continuity of editorship and technology
      c. Copyright issues
      d. Potential income from on-line sources
      e. Effect on other SACC programs
      f. Effect on the direction of SACC in the future
      g. Effect on the dues of SACC
      h. Effect on the "institutional memberships"
      i. Effect on memberships in general--why stay a member?
      j. Possible effect on SACC annual meetings and AAA invited sessions
      k. Possible change to an interest group if membership stays below 250
      for too long.
      l. Change of priorities for resources
      m. Change of relationship between SACC and AAA
      I am sorry that I cannot give you exact figures on the costs for the
      UCP overhead accounts and coding costs if we do only on-line, on-line
      and print (non-UCP) and on-line and print (UCP). Hopefully S. Skomal
      and S. Berlin can fill in the missing data.
      My main concern here is the manner in which we are going to be paying
      for this. We have several options including raising dues
      significantly, raising dues slightly, dropping other activities such as
      the annual meeting, invited sessions at the AAA meeting, pushing for
      the sale of logo items, placing a minimum donation on the annual
      meeting registration fee, there are many things that can be done. What
      we have to decided by this coming meeting is precisely what are we
      going to be doing in the future?
      Mel Johnson,
      Treasurer SACC

      From: Lloyd Miller <lloyd.miller@...>
      Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 11:56:49 AM US/Central
      Subject: Re: AnthroSource--notes from AAA meeting

      Thanks so much for gathering all this information and putting it
      together. Your listing of things to consider a through m posed some
      important questions for SACC. I’ve been struggling these past few days
      trying to reconcile who we are and what we do now as an organization
      with who and what we’d become as a section with a digitized, on-line
      I finally concluded that SACC is what it does. So, what do we do?
       We hold an annual conference.
       We produce a biannual publication.
       We contribute a monthly section column in Anthropology News.
       We coordinate a Current Issues in Anthropology-Five Fields Update
      Symposium and occasionally one or two other invited sessions at annual
      AAA meetings.
       We maintain a web site and a listserv.
      Except for some promising developments and networks in community
      archaeology programs, other endeavors we’ve tried, such as expanding
      membership, K-12 linkages and student scholarships, haven’t worked out
      so far.
      Next, I realized that not all AAA sections have publications. They
      contribute AN section columns, conduct their business and enjoy all the
      privileges of AAA membership, but are not currently faced with the
      “digitization” dilemma.
      So, if our problem is what to do about our publication, what in fact is
      SACC Notes? It is a hybrid publication, part newsletter and part
      non-peer-reviewed journal. We publish articles and papers mainly on
      teaching, some on research, occasionally a book review or a commentary.
      Our SACC News section includes summaries of Exec Board and business
      meetings, information about past and future conferences and
      occasionally news about one or another member (e.g., someone’s new
      book, program, award, etc.)
      Articles/papers are almost all solicited (rarely do we get “over the
      transom” submissions), and nearly all are SACC and AAA conference
      presentations, including the Five-Fields. We generally receive enough
      to make each issue, but hardly ever a surplus.
      Then I considered the following:
       Do the authors of these articles and papers really expect to be cited
      in other scholarly works? Of course, we’d all like greater audiences
      for our writings, but is this a major factor in choosing to publish in
      SACC Notes?
       Is there really any reason why SACC Notes should be digitized in
      perpetuity? Frankly, in 15 years as editor, I can’t remember anyone
      ever requesting a specific back issue or previously published article.
       In other words, do we have any particular goals or plans for the
      future that AnthroSource might help us to achieve? Do we desire to
      change or become something other than what we currently are?
      We’ve had largely successful, stimulating and enjoyable annual
      conferences for nearly 26 years. We remain financially solvent and
      have a current membership approaching 300. I think we could continue
      as we are, doing what we’ve been doing, for some time. On the other
      hand, some of the changes suggested either to generate income or reduce
      expenses (such as dropping the annual meeting) in order to support an
      on-line publication might cause SACC to simply fade away.
      Even without knowing all the costs of AnthroSource, I think attempting
      to have both an on-line and a print publication would be prohibitive.
      Along with the added costs, we’d have to follow many rules and
      restrictions set down by UCP and indeed would be conforming to a system
      set up for peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. And none of the system’s
      proposed benefits would really apply to us.
      The editor continuity issue is worth considering. As you all know, I
      produce SACC Notes on a home computer and Des Moines Area Community
      College prints and mails it. SACC reimburses at the college’s cost,
      considerably less than Kinko or other commercial printers charge, and
      even less than AAA would have charged. Thus we’re inexpensive and
      completely self-contained.
      I have no plans or desire to quit in the foreseeable future (realizing
      that for a senior citizen retiree, “foreseeable future” is usually
      thought of a year at a time). However, what I do is not rocket science
      and all my replacement would need is access to a computer, a desktop
      publishing program and a similar arrangement with his or her college in
      order to continue.
      If we continue without participating in AnthroSource, we can still be
      on line by placing our publication on our own web site. We have the
      capacity and the personnel within our membership to beef up the web
      site without appreciably increasing costs.
      While I’ve made a case for continuing as we are, I’m willing to steward
      the publication through the digitization process should our membership
      choose that option. I’m curious about how it all works and interested
      in seeing the outcome.
      I agree that we must make this decision in Savannah. Accordingly, I
      think we should find some way of seeking opinions from our membership
      and discuss this via e-mail in the next few months.

      From: "Melvin Johnson" <majohns@...>
      Date: Mon Jan 10, 2005 3:25:11 PM US/Central
      To: lloyd.miller@...
      Subject: Fw: Small Section AnthroSource Discussion Group

      Hi Lloyd, here are the minutes from our small section discussion group.
      Mel Johnson,

      P.S. if possible we need to send them each a copy of our latest issue.

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      From: John Baker <JohnBaker@...>
      To: majohns@..., Kideckel@..., chaiken@...,
      borrek@..., hopgood@..., johnbaker@...
      Sent: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 14:44:09 -0800
      Subject: Small Section AnthroSource Discussion Group

      Hi all!

      I wanted to thank you all once again for finding the time in your busy
      AAA schedule to meet for lunch and begin our discussion of how to best
      ensure that our small sections and AnthroSource can get along and also
      to consider how we as small sections should and can work to ensure that
      we have a voice in the AAA and in any discussions of restructuring.

      As you will recall, we covered a lot of issues, and not always in a
      very complete manner. Just so that we can remember, here are a few of
      the things we discussed (in no particular order):

      1) the idea of a small section "journal" published on AnthroSource with
      "working papers" and other contributions from more than one section

      2) the question of who earns what from ads that might appear in our
      section journals

      3) whether hard copies of journals would still be desirable (we only
      very briefly touched on this)

      4) the constraints that UC Press places on us vis-a-vis content and

      5) we also agreed to send one another copies of our various
      publications. Since we passed out cards to one another, I won't repeat
      the addresses here (nor will I remind you of who was present), but
      write me if you need an address.

      6) the desire for small sections to be represented on the
      reorganization committee (or whatever it is called) by at least one
      small section representative to the Section Assembly

      Please help to keep this discussion going, and feel free to pass this
      on to your journal editors, treasurers, other small section
      representatives, etc. In view of the current sentiment for change, we
      need to make sure that our combined voices are heard!

      Thanks again, and if I don't see you at the meetings again, have a safe
      and pleasant journey home!


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