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Archeology E-Gram 25 January 2005

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  • Martha Graham
    January 25, 2005 Archeology website receives award. The Archeology program website, has been selected for the 3clix Seal of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005
      January 25, 2005

      Archeology website receives award.
      The Archeology program website, <http://www.cr.nps.gov/aad/> has been
      selected for the 3clix Seal of Excellence Award due to a superior rating of
      informational content. 3clix describes itself as the web’s only Ratings
      Library,a unique reference source for Net users based on expert-rated
      sites. Their mission is: “To save users time and effort in finding the most
      reliable, top-rated information available on the Internet.” 3clix assists
      people in finding information they need, especially when time is of the
      essence and unreliable information could result in added risk or harm.
      3clix does this by having experts in each topic area rate and recommend the
      top-five most reliable sites available in a given topic, and makes it
      accessible from virtually any wired and wireless device worldwide. To find
      the NPS Archeology webpage featured on 3clix, go to:

      Coso Rock Art feature.
      We are pleased to announce the newest feature in the Discover Archeology
      series: Coso Rock Art. Begin your visit of the Coso Rock Art feature on
      our home page: http://www.cr.nps.gov/aad/. The Coso Rock Art District is a
      National Historic Landmark located deep in the U.S. Navy's testing station
      at China Lake in California. More than 20,000 images and associated sites
      comprise one of America's most impressive petroglyphic and archeological
      complexes. Come explore the long history of the Coso people and the
      meanings they inscribed in stone. (The full Discover Archeology series is
      on-line at http://www.cr.nps.gov/aad/public/discover.htm.)

      Federal Archeology Program Report to Congress.
      In January 2005 the Departmental Consulting Archeologist distributed a
      request for data on Federal agency archeological activities that were
      conducted or required in FY2004. These data are utilized in the
      preparation of the Secretary’s Report to Congress on the Federal Archeology
      Program. The deadline for submission of data is March 31, 2005.
      Questionnaires and forms for submitting information are available on the
      Archeology Program website at www.cr.nps.gov/aad/src/forms.htm. For
      further information on the Federal Archeology Program Report to Congress or
      the data solicitation for FY2004, contact Dr. Karen Mudar, Archeology
      Program, NPS, at (202) 354-2103; fax (202) 371-5102; email:

      Archeology E-Gram, distributed via e-mail on a regular basis, includes
      announcements about news, new publications, training opportunities,
      national and regional meetings, and other important goings-on related to
      public archeology in the National Park Service and other public agencies.
      Recipients are encouraged to forward Archeology E-Grams to colleagues and
      relevant mailing lists and new subscribers are accepted. Contact Martha
      Graham, Archeology Program, NPS, at (202) 354-2110, martha_graham@....
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