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FW: Call For Papers: Food Issue

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      Subject: Call For Papers: Food Issue

      ****** DISCOURSE: CALL FOR PAPERS *****
      SPRING 2000 ISSUE THEME: Food
      DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: December 7, 1999
      Submissions are now being accepted for the Spring 2000 issue of Discourse, a
      peer-reviewed, four-field print journal featuring current work by graduate
      students across the globe. Each issue focuses upon a "universal" topic.
      All graduate students are encouraged to submit work. Discourse encourages
      traditional manuscripts as well as additional texts (dialogic essays,
      critiques, interviews, debates, and other forms of communication).
      SPRING ISSUE: The theme for the Spring 2000 issue is food-a theme with
      myriad avenues of inquiry. Food getting, preparing, eating, sharing,
      discarding, and other aspects of food and the human experience are all fair
      game. Submissions may target specific topics or address more widespread
      issues relating to the theme, and should communicate ideas to audiences
      across the subfields. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: December 7th, 1999.
      We will also consider submissions dealing with subject matter outside of the
      issue theme, or material for future issues. Upcoming themes include Death
      (Fall 2000, open deadline at present) and Sex (Spring 2001, open deadline at
      For more information, or to submit, contact Discourse at:

      Department of Anthropology
      State University of New York at Buffalo
      380 MFAC Ellicott Complex
      Buffalo, NY 14226-0005

      fax: 716-645-3808
      email: anthro-discourse@...
      website: wings.buffalo.edu/anthropology/Discourse

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