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RE: FW: Clarification of my 'Plea for Help'

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  • Lewine, Mark
    I suggest contacting Chuck Ellenbaum from DuPage who is well-prepared and credentialed in both anthropology and religion ELLENBAU@cdnet.cod.edu Also contact
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 1999
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      I suggest contacting Chuck Ellenbaum from DuPage who is well-prepared and
      credentialed in both anthropology and religion ELLENBAU@... Also
      contact the American Anthro. Association for contact with the new section
      recognized just a couple of years ago on Anthropology of Religion. They have
      an outstanding list of leaders well-prepared in the research within this

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      > Subject: Clarification of my 'Plea for Help'
      > Dear Members of SACC-L:
      > Based on today's mail, I started something that as Mr. Whatley points out
      > really does not belong here. Please let me clarify my goals and thus,
      > hopefully, avoid further misunderstandings of my purpose.
      > My Purpose:
      > I am looking for information, to be plugged into a simple chart, on
      > specific religions (and their denominations) and their response to
      > Darwinian evolutionary theory.
      > Two examples:
      > Judaism:
      > Orthodox:
      > Literal Reading of the Biblical book of Genesis. (Akin to Usher
      > calculation)
      > Arguments put forward as "TRUTH vs. Theory"
      > See: Lubavitcher Rebbe: Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson (
      > <http://www.i5ive.com/article.cfm/_judaism_/9357>)
      > Christianity:
      > Roman Catholicism:
      > Accepts principle that one can believe in Evolution and be a good Roman
      > Catholic.
      > See: Pope John Paul II's Oct. 22, 1996 remarks to the Pontifical Academy
      > of Science.
      > (Found in: Origins, v. 27, no. 34, (Feb. 12, 1998.))
      > Also: Popes before John Paul II have spoken favorably on Darwinian
      > evolution, though with the condition that the believer posit the "special
      > creation of the soul" at some point in the evolutionary plan.
      > (Note: These two entries were sent to me by list members. Thank you.)
      > The two reasons for my gathering this information:
      > One: To remedy my own ignorance and accordingly be better able to talk
      > with my students. I have students who are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.
      > in my class and I do not know their religion's take on Darwinian
      > evolutionary theory.
      > Also, I have students who are worried that they are not supposed to even
      > listen to the ideas put forward in Darwinian evolutionary theory when
      > there is actually no reason why they should be possessed of that fear. (I
      > can't tell you how many Roman Catholic students have told me that they
      > thought that they were being 'bad' for taking Anthropology.)
      > It should also be noted that I do attend a church and have looked at the
      > Biblical Book of Genesis' two creation accounts. I do not agree with Mr.
      > Whatley's interpretation of that text, but wholeheartedly agree with his
      > point that there are many Protestant Christians who do not at all believe
      > in Usher's calculation as TRUTH. (Indeed, even William Jennings Bryan,
      > Protestant Christian fundamentalist extraordinaire, revealed at the Scope
      > Trial that he did not agree with this calculation.)
      > Two: I respectfully disagree with Mr. Whatley's assertion that local
      > boards will continue to do what they are not forced to do by their state
      > department of education. Local BOEs IMHO will always take the path of
      > least resistance. In Kansas, I suspect that most BOEs will eliminate from
      > their local curriculums that for which the state will not hold them
      > accountable. In my particular case, there certainly is not any requirement
      > in New Jersey for Social Studies departments to offer an Anthropology
      > elective course. Thus I very much fear that one complaint not met with an
      > intelligent, well-informed reponse on my part will result in the BOE
      > taking the path of least resistance and just cancelling the course.
      > Thus, if you know the position (with a citation) on Darwinian evolutionary
      > theory of a specific denomimation, such as the Presbyterian, Mormon,
      > Eastern Orthodoxy (to just use Christian examples), please send it my way
      > and I'll plug it into my chart.
      > Thanks in advance for your help and, as I really prefer to be a lurker,
      > I'm really sorry to have caused any problems. Mr. Whatley is correct in
      > that talkorigins.org is a better venue for a debate on creation beliefs as
      > they apply to Darwinian evolutionary theory and vice versa.
      > Sincerely,
      > Matthew Higgins.
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