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  • Popplestone, Ann
    It s a quiet night and I m web-surfing. This is kind of interesting:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1999
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      It's a quiet night and I'm web-surfing.

      This is kind of interesting:

      This isn't as detailed as you would like, but the links might be helpful


      These folks gave papers at this Conference
      <http://www.aaas.org/spp/dspp/dbsr/EPIC.htm> at the Field Museum for AAAS.
      They might be worth contacting:

      Historical Perspectives on Evolution and Religion - Ronald Numbers,
      Department of the History of Medicine, Center for Health Science-Medical
      School, University of Wisconsin-Madison

      "Neo-Darwinism in Theological Perspective" - John Haught, Department of
      Theology, Georgetown University

      Amazon.con lists this Anti-Evolution : An Annotated Bibliography
      by Tom McIver </exec/obidos/Author=McIver%2C%20Tom/002-0124849-3687059>

      Hardcover (March 1989)
      McFarland & Company; ISBN: 0899503136

      Darwin's Forgotten Defenders : The Encounter Between Evangelical Theology
      and Evolutionary Thought
      by David N. Livingstone

      There are apparently several volumes (!) from Garland titled "Creationism in
      20th Century America".

      Let us know what you find after your trip to the library!

      (as you pointed out in the case of some of your Catholic students, a
      surprisingly large number of denominations have neutral to pro-evolution
      stances but seem to have had mixed success in communicating them to their
      members, the folks with creationist beliefs seem to be more numerous than
      one would expect from surveying the denominations' official statements)

      Thanks Again! Discussion is what the list is here for!
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