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Fwd: possible AN series on association governance and ethics --- please comment

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  • Lloyd Miller
    Here s AN Editor Stacy Lathrop s proposal for some commentaries on the Hilton labor dispute and AAA conference move from SF to Atlanta. Subsequent editors
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2004
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      Here's AN Editor Stacy Lathrop's proposal for some commentaries on the
      Hilton labor dispute and AAA conference move from SF to Atlanta.
      Subsequent editors' comments have been favorable so far. Remember that
      all members can contribute to this discussion.


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      > Subject: possible AN series on association governance and ethics ---
      > please comment
      > Dear AN Contributing Editors,
      > Several of you, along with others, have suggested that AN organize a
      > series of commentaries on issues that have emerged from the Executive
      > Board's decision to move the AAA annual meeting from San Francisco to
      > Atlanta.
      > In thinking how AN might provide a forum for some of the issues
      > emerging from recent events, I am certain that I would want to frame
      > such a discussion in a way that we might look reflectively toward the
      > future rather than place blame on what has already been done. I would
      > also want to try having contributors speak to one another about
      > broadly shared concerns and interests about the role of the
      > association and direction of the discipline, for instance by analyzing
      > some of the differing, at times conflicting, assumptions and claims
      > made about association ethics and governance.
      > I am writing you now for your input (please respond this week by
      > Friday, Nov 12): 1) Do you think it would be beneficial to invite
      > comments on this broadly conceived topic? 2) If so, what do you think
      > some of the important discussion questions would be? Keep in mind
      > that if AN does invite commentaries on this topic, that they would not
      > run until January or February, so the questions would need to be broad
      > and general enough to still be relevant at that time.
      > Based on the emails I've read and conversations I've had, I think
      > several reoccurring issues emerge. Based on these I have roughly
      > developed some possible discussion questions, which are related:
      > * What is and should be the role of the AAA as a scholarly
      > association, in terms of its legal bylaws and the expectations and
      > actions of its members and various entities? Some have made
      > statements that the association should change. Do you agree? If so,
      > how and why should it do this?
      > * What do you think is the best way of developing and communicating
      > association-wide policy?
      > * To whom is the AAA, and its governing body, responsible?
      > * What ethical precepts do and should guide our views about the
      > association and its actions? What legal obligations must be
      > considered?
      > * When these ethical precepts and legal obligations conflict, how
      > should association leaders work through all the relevant factors to
      > make decisions having significant consequences for all interested
      > parties? Furthermore, if the membership is divided in its opinions
      > about a matter, how should the AAA responsibly decide a course of
      > action?
      > I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.
      > With thanks and best wishes,
      > Stacy
      > Stacy Lathrop
      > Managing Editor
      > Anthropology News
      > American Anthropological Association
      > 2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600
      > Arlington, VA 22201-3357
      > Tel 703/528-1902, ext 3005
      > Fax 703/528-3546
      > slathrop@...
      > www.aaanet.org
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