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Fwd: AnthroSource Flash Demo

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  • Lloyd Miller
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2004
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      > Subject: AnthroSource Flash Demo
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      > Greetings, The University of California Press marketing department
      > prepared a demo to promote AnthroSource at the American Library
      > Association meeting in May. The demo is now up and available at
      > http://www.anthrosource.net/ Scroll to the bottom of the page for
      > the "Download Flash Demonstration" link. After you click, it will
      > take a few seconds to load before the demo begins to run. Note that it
      > runs in a continuous loop.
      > We are pleased to report that UC Press has completed conversion of
      > approximately half of the 80,000+ pages of AAA legacy material, and is
      > well into development of the portal infrastructure. We are also
      > working with JSTOR to provide seamless to the 6 AAA journals in their
      > collection (AA, AE, CA, Ethos, MAQ, and in 2006 AEQ). Once the work is
      > complete in November this year, visitors to this site will be directed
      > to a live demonstration, along with information for librarians on how
      > to subscribe. AAA members will have access to the portal through the
      > AAA website as a benefit of their membership in the Association.
      > Enjoy! Susi
      > Susan Skomal, Ph.D.
      > Director, Publications Department
      > American Anthropological Association
      > 2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600
      > Arlington, VA 22201-3357
      > Tel: 703/528-1902 ext 3013
      > Fax: 703/528-3546
      > sskomal@...
      > http://www.aaanet.org
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