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  • naftalyp@sunyacc.edu
    Hello Everyone, I recently received the message that I am forwarding to you from Kim Baker which is asking me to send Kim information about anthropologists in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2004
      Hello Everyone,
      I recently received the message that I am forwarding to you from Kim Baker
      which is asking me to send Kim information about anthropologists in our
      organization who are willing to be serve as contact persons with the media.
      She would like to set up a Media Referral Service. Please let me know if you
      are interested and send along the necessary information as explained in the
      forwarded E-mail. Thanks, Phil.

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      Subject: New Media Referral Service
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      Dear Section Chair:

      Elizabeth Brumfiel, president of the American Anthropological Association, wants
      to try an experiment to offer reporters a new way to find anthropologists as
      sources for their coverage. The project, which we will call the AAA Media
      Referral Service, would entail putting names of members with specific expertise
      onto our web page. The objective is to make it easier for reporters to quickly
      access the person they need to interview regardless of time or day.

      As you know, we have over 11,000 members with a wide range of special areas of
      study We hope to come up with an effective but far, far smaller list and are
      soliciting the Sections for your recommendations.

      What we seek from each Section are a couple of names of anthropologists who
      study areas of likely interest to the news media. The people you recommend
      should be articulate and unafraid of dealing with the press. They would also
      have to feel comfortable about having personal contact information, email and
      phone number, posted online.

      As the Chair of your Section, would you please send me the names of people you
      recommend for such an online referral list, with their phone and email
      information and with the key words that describe their special area of
      expertise. Kindly get permission before you submit their name.

      It is very hard to know just what kind of expertise a reporter seeks at any one
      time. Obviously, current events dictate some of their needs. Special holidays
      prompt inquiries too. Adventure stories are frequent requests. History, human
      evolution and archeology are categories of much inquiry. But other queries come
      up without any way of predicting them. So choose your strongest people, send
      the information to me and please make sure they understand that there is no
      guarantee that they will be called by the press. We can only do our best by
      putting the information up on our website. The rest is up to the editor or

      The information we request is simply this, in this format::
      Email address........................
      Phone (home or work)...............
      Expertise: 1) one or two words
      2) " " "
      3) " " "

      Please keep responses in this order. Once collected, I will send a short list of
      helpful pointers to those who will be the vanguards of this online experiment.
      Be sure to add the section name to your information.

      Kindly note that I am not asking for a paragraph of text but rather a few
      specific words that convey the areas of expertise. For example, for one person
      it may read as: Middle East, women, media studies, plus the name and contact
      information. For someone else it may read as: children, marriage, abuse. We
      need clear and succinct listings and we may edit the incoming statements so as
      to standardize the online presentation.

      It has consistently been the case that experts who have been referred by the
      sections are our most effective spokespersons. We need your help in identifying
      these people. Please send me the information as soon as possible, no later than
      September 1. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns. (703)
      528-1902, ext. 3039).

      Thank you for your kind help

      All the best,
      Ghita Levine
      Director of Communications
      American Anthropological Association
      2200 Wilson Blvd. Suite 600
      Arlington, Va. 22201


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