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FW: female principle (cfp)

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      Subject: female principle (cfp)

      UTA Conference on the Suppressions and Reassertions of The Female Principle
      in Human Cultures.
      University of Texas at Arlington, March 30-April 1, 2000.
      Keynotes: Martha Nussbaum, March 30;
      Drucilla Cornell, March 31; and
      Eva Keuls and Nancy Tuana, April 1

      This conference recognizes the suppression
      of femaleness as a primary meaning
      of Western and other cultures over a long period, and opens this issue to
      renewed scrutiny.
      It seeks to identify, document, account for, and
      interpret the suppression of femaleness via the
      specific forms it takes from early periods to the
      present, and to identify and describe newly developing practices that
      counter it. Exposures, descriptions, and theorizations of this suppression
      are essential to projecting a future for femaleness in human societies.
      We invite proposals from all fields of the humanities and the social and
      behavioral sciences. Papers may deal exclusively with forms of suppression
      (and their counterforms)--many of them clandestine, unrecognized,
      underexplored; with the figures or contents suppressed; with examples of
      femaleness that elude suppression or otherwise counter it; or with
      re-emergences; or with combinations of the foregoing, and may draw on the
      following as a possible framework:
      Bearing a positive social value in an advanced Asian society as late as the
      seventh century, the female principle sinks into general anathema in the
      West by the time of classical civilization, and into near oblivion by the
      time of the early church. There it remains, under powerful forms of social
      repression, into the twentieth century. Then, via numerous separate
      discourses, pluralist thought creates a climate of opinion in which
      femaleness can re-emerge in literary, philosophical, religious, and other
      languages under a positive sign.
      Papers may be descriptive, and/or interpretive or theoretical accounts of
      specific forms of suppression, such as the sexual; of forms taken by
      coverups of suppression; of cultural contexts mandating suppression; and of
      femaleness eluding suppression or otherwise countering it-all these in
      discourses and social practices worldwide. Cross-disciplinary and new
      theoretical approaches are encouraged.
      Submission deadline: November 20, 1999
      Additional information: lfrank@... <mailto:lfrank@...>
      Postal mail:
      Conference on the Female Principle
      Department of English 19035
      University of Texas at Arlington
      Arlington, Texas 760l9

      Ph. 817-272-2692
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