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RE: [SACC-L] Report from Savannah

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  • Diane Levine
    Let me add my vote for the Days Inn. Will there be a slide projector available? Diane Levine ... From: Chidester, Dianne (Jefferson ) To:
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 29, 2004
      Let me add my vote for the Days Inn. Will there be a slide projector available?
      Diane Levine
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      Subject: [SACC-L] Report from Savannah

      Please reply to dianneky@...   (I�m trying to figure out how to change my subscription, but haven�t gotten it yet.  I�m a slow learner!)


      Savannah was wonderful.  It was hot and humid, but we�ll be there when it is spring and the azaleas are in bloom.  The place is covered with azaleas.


      The food was great.  A full report will be given later.  We went to Lady Chablis� performance and got to meet her briefly.  Be sure to read �The Book� (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) or at least see the movie before going to Savannah.


      We spent a day at the Penn Center which is a research center for Gullah.  We didn�t get to witness a ring shout or any of the special activities that we�ll get, but it was still quite an experience.  We also ate at Gullah Grub and the barbecue was wonderful.


      Here�s the complication.  We are meeting in Savannah in their prime season (remember those azaleas?), therefore I�ve not be able to do a great job on getting the prices as low as I�d like.  And this time we�re spending real money, not Canadian (sorry, Bob!).  Here are the options, as I see it, and I�d like to get your input.


      We could stay in the Days Inn which is right downtown near City Market and the river front.  Rooms will be $104/night and suites will be $124/night.  Rooms have two queen beds.  They are renovating the hotel but even so, it�s not fancy.  www.daysinnsavannah.com   The meeting room is just a room, but wouldn�t cost us.


      The other option is the Courtyard Marriott which is in the historic district about 4 or 5 blocks (an easy walk) to the City Market, river, and about 2 blocks from the historic homes.  It is a lovely hotel with a nice restaurant, heated pool, large bathrooms (much like the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth).  www.courtyard.com/SAVDT    The best price I�ve been able to negotiate is $149/room.  They do not have large enough conference rooms to accommodate us, so we would have to cross the street to the Coastal Georgia Center where we could rent the conference room at $150 a day (no taxes because it is Georgia Southern University property) which includes audio-visual equipment.


      If I were going back to Savannah on my own dime, I�d stay cheaply at the Days Inn.  If I was using someone else�s money and there was no limit, I�d stay at the Marriott!  In other words, although not fancy, the Days Inn is certain adequate.  I�d rather spend my money on tours, shopping, food, and drinks!  I�m not planning on spending that much time in the room!  But it isn�t what we�ve grown used to with the great deal Phil and Bob have been able to get for us.


      So whaddya think?








      Dianne Lynn Chidester, M.A.


      Be sure to check out the SACC web page at www.anthro.cc  (NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS!!) for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.

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