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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers - the family meal

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers - the family meal

      Call for Papers: The Family Meal
      Food, Culture, and Society
      Spring 2005

      Deadline: December 15, 2004

      When it comes to eliciting warm sentiments, nothing is more iconic than
      the home-cooked family meal. Many editorial writers, moral reformers,
      politicians, preachers, and food memoirists seem convinced that life is
      better when families eat together. Conversely, conventional wisdom holds
      that social life deteriorates when shared, domestically produced meals
      give way to snacking, grazing, "gobbling," and other forms of "dietary
      individualism." From this perspective, the rising worldwide popularity
      convenient, commercially-prepared fast foods is often viewed as evidence
      of a troubling decline in "traditional" family values, civic culture,
      social cohesion. The purported decline of the family meal is also linked
      to the "obesity epidemic," drug addiction, environmental degradation,
      other public health crises.

      But how good is the evidence that the family meal is waning? Compared to
      when? Where? Whose family? Which home? Whose cooking? What's a "family
      meal" anyway? Does a dinner zapped in the microwave or consumed at
      McDonald's count? Count for what? And who decides these questions?

      For this issue, we invite research that offers fresh, analytical
      perspectives on family meals, past and present, local and global. We
      welcome insights from a variety of disciplines and approaches, including
      (but not confined to) anthropology, sociology, history, geography,
      semiotics, market research, cultural studies, food studies pedagogy, and
      so on. We are particularly interested in papers that examine how
      "private," everyday activities of feeding and caring interact with
      power dynamics, institutions, social structures, and discourses.

      Food, Culture, and Society (FCS) is published by the Association for the
      Study of Food and Society (ASFS). You do not need to be an ASFS member
      submit an article. Submitted manuscripts should report original work not
      previously published and not in press or under consideration for
      publication elsewhere. Papers should be submitted via email, in Word,
      using a recognized citation format. Manuscripts will receive a blind
      review by members of the ASFS Board of Editors and ad hoc referees. We
      promise a speedy and collegial review process.

      Editor: Warren Belasco, University of Maryland
      Baltimore County
      International Editor: Anne Murcott, Special Professor, Nottingham
      Book Review Editor: Ken Albala, University of the Pacific
      Education Editor: Jonathan Deutsch, Kingsborough Community

      Advisory Editors: Amy Bentley, New York University
      Dorothy Blair, Pennsylvania State University
      Alice Julier, Smith College (ASFS President)
      Alex McIntosh, Texas A&M University
      Elaine Power, University of Toronto
      Krishnendu Ray, Culinary Institute of America
      Andrew Smith, American Forum for Global Education
      Jeffery Sobal, Cornell University
      Richard Wilk, Indiana University
      Doris Witt, University of Iowa
      Rafia Zafar, Washington University, St. Louis

      For more journal information, contact Warren Belasco: belasco@...
      For information about ASFS: http://food-culture.org/

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