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FW: Anti-evolution lesson plan considered by OH BOE

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    ... From: Skip Evans [mailto:skip@ncseweb.org] Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 8:03 PM To: skip@ncseweb.org Subject: Anti-evolution lesson plan considered by
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2004
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      From: Skip Evans [mailto:skip@...]
      Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 8:03 PM
      To: skip@...
      Subject: Anti-evolution lesson plan considered by OH BOE

      Dear Ohio NCSE member,

      As a supporter of quality science education, you have
      doubtless heard about the controversy now raging over a
      proposed lesson plan, soon to be voted on by the state board
      of education, that the state's scientific community has
      deemed inaccurate and pedagogically worthless. However, the
      plan has strong support from board members sympathetic to
      intelligent design (ID), and in its first vote was passed by
      a 13 to 4 margin.

      Writing in the Columbus Dispatch on February 20, Ohio State
      University physical anthropologist Jeffrey McKee said,
      "[t]he proposed lesson plan on evolution is a thinly
      disguised attempt to promote creationism in Ohio's science
      classrooms," adding that the lesson plan contains "highly
      misleading statements on the fossil record of evolution,
      fraudulent claims about today's evolution of bacteria and
      direct references to creationist literature."

      While defenders of the plan claim that it contains no
      references to ID, critics point out that much of the body of
      work embraced by ID advocates contains little more than
      criticisms of evolution, which make up large parts of the

      Critics of the lesson have said that much of the material
      come from the highly criticized book Icons of Evolution, by
      Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Wells. For
      reviews of Icons, see:

      Many have also criticized the process in which the lessons
      were written, claiming that the lessons were not readily
      available for public scrutiny. Lynn Elfner, executive
      director of the Ohio Academy of Science, told the Dispatch
      that while he received several lesson plans as part of the
      review process, he had to file a Freedom of Information Act
      request to obtain the entire draft lesson plan. "The
      department has pretty much hidden these documents from the
      public,'' he said.
      (Columbus Dispatch, December 4, 2003)

      If you would like to contact members of Ohio's Board of
      Education and Governor Bob Taft to express your opinion
      regarding the lesson plan, their contact information is below.

      (For further information, see the web site of Ohio Citizens
      for Science. http://www.ohioscience.org)

      Governor Bob Taft
      30th Floor
      77 South High Street
      Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117
      Phone 614-466-3555
      You can also send the governor a message via the web at:

      Ohio Board of Education

      Pro-science board members include Virginia Jacobs, Martha
      Wise, Sam Schloemer, Cy Richardson, Robin Hovis & Jennifer

      Creationist support on the board comes from Mike Cochran,
      Debbie Owens Fink, Jim Turner & Sue Westendorf

      The remaining board members are likely to follow the weight
      of public support.

      Jennifer L. Sheets
      32700 Cotterill Road
      Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
      (740) 992-2151 (work)
      (740) 742-2972 (home)
      (740) 992-5168 (fax)

      Richard E. Baker
      Vice President
      3215 Palestine-Hollansburg Road
      Hollansburg, Ohio 45332
      (937) 548-2246 (voice)
      (937) 997-2140 (fax)

      Susan Tave Zelman
      7th floor, 25 South Front Street
      Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
      (614) 466-7578 (voice)
      (614) 728-9703 (fax)

      Virginia E. Jacobs
      State Board District 1
      1540 Walnut Court
      Lima, Ohio 45805
      (419) 999-4219 (voice)
      (419) 999-1725 (fax)

      Martha W. Wise
      State Board District 2
      1952 Sandalwood Drive
      Avon, Ohio 44011
      (440) 934-4935 (voice)
      (440) 934-6089 (fax)

      John W. Griffin
      State Board District 3
      P.O. Box 49201
      West Carrollton, Ohio 45449-0201

      G. R. "Sam" Schloemer
      State Board District 4
      1410 Springfield Pike #A10
      Cincinnati, OH 45215
      (513) 821-4145 (voice)
      (513) 821-2829 (fax)

      Robin C. Hovis
      State Board District 5
      212 North Washington St.
      P.O. Box 287
      Millersburg, Ohio 44654

      Michael Cochran
      State Board District 6
      848 Poppy Hills Drive
      Blacklick, Ohio 43004
      (614) 864-2338 (voice)
      (614) 863-9751 (fax)

      Deborah Owens Fink
      State Board District 7
      2939 Arborry Hill Road
      Richfield, Ohio 44286
      (330) 972-8079 (voice)
      (330) 972-5798 (fax)

      Jim Craig
      State Board District 8
      2345 Bevington St., NW
      Canton, OH 44709-2219
      (330) 492-5533 (voice)

      Jennifer Stewart
      State Board District 9
      2775 Martin Road
      Zanesville, Ohio 43701
      (740) 452-4558 (voice)
      (740) 452-7754 (fax)
      Cyrus B. Richardson, Jr.
      State Board District 10
      3085 State Route 222
      Bethel, Ohio 45106
      (513) 734-6700 (Voice)
      (513) 734-0483 (Fax)

      Virgil E. Brown, Jr.
      State Board District 11
      The Brown Building
      2136 Noble Road
      Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44112
      (216) 851-3304 (voice)
      (216) 851-2900 (fax)

      Stephen M. Millett
      Member At-Large
      Battelle Memorial Institute
      505 King Avenue
      Columbus, Ohio 43201
      (614) 424-5335 (voice)
      (614) 424-4459 (fax)

      Emerson J. Ross, Jr.
      Member At-Large
      Toledo, Ohio 4365
      (419) 248-8315 (voice)
      (419) 325-4315 (fax)

      Jo Ann Thatcher
      Member At-Large
      466 Little Cheryl Drive
      McDermott, Ohio 45652
      (740) 858-3300 (voice)
      (740) 858-1530 (fax)

      James L. Turner
      Member At-Large
      139 East Fourth Street, 30 ATII
      Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
      (513) 287-3232 (voice)
      (513) 287-3044 (fax)

      Sue Westendorf
      Member At-Large
      517 South Main Street
      Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
      (419) 352-2908 (voice)
      (419) 592-4945 (fax)

      Carl Wick
      Member At-Large
      861 Deer Run Road
      Centerville, Ohio 45459
      (937) 433-1352 (voice)

      Skip Evans
      Network Project Director
      National Center for Science Education
      420 40th St, Suite 2
      Oakland, CA 94609
      510-601-7203 Ext. 308
      510-601-7204 (fax)

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