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RE: [SACC-L] Fwd: AAA Roundtable for 2004

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  • Lewine, Mark
    I applaud your interest in stimulating interactive sessions on teaching anthropology. We at the community colleges are presently teaching more than 50% of all
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2004
      I applaud your interest in stimulating interactive sessions on teaching
      anthropology. We at the community colleges are presently teaching more
      than 50% of all college underclass students (freshmen and sophomores)
      and an even larger percentage of students from lower socio-economic
      strata. Most of those students will be exposed to at most, one course in
      cultural or general anthropology, and this experience has the capacity
      to change the perceptual framework for those students' lives...can we
      have one roundtable on teaching anthropology to first-time college
      students? Area studies is more specialized and related to teaching at
      the upper division level.

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      I'm forwarding this important message to the SACC listserv. Hope we
      get some takers.

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      > Subject: AAA Roundtable for 2004
      > Hello:
      > I am the co-Chair for the Committee on Teaching Anthropology
      > (CoTA) within the General Anthropology Division of the AAA. At last
      > year's AAA meetings, we sponsored a round-table discussion on teaching

      > anthropology, and we would like to do so again this year. The CoTA
      > has chosen as this year's topic: "Teaching Area Studies."
      > The intent of these round-tables is to continue the discussion at

      > the AAAs of teaching, one of the most important responsibilities of
      > our profession. Over the years, we at CoTA have noticed a relative
      > paucity of sessions devoted to teaching, and we hope to increase the
      > visibility of this critical skill. At least one AAA GAD-sponsored
      > session is typically devoted to "Tricks of the Trade," where scholars
      > can share ideas as formal papers. We intend our round-table
      > discussions to be an alternative, and more informal, way of continuing

      > the dialogue on teaching.
      > Thus, I have been asked to contact the various Sections of the
      > AAA, especially those dealing with "area studies" (broadly defined) to

      > solicit contributions from Section members to serve as discussion
      > leaders for CoTA's round-table session at the 2004 AAA meetings in San

      > Francisco. Last year in Chicago, the round-table discussions were
      > friendly, low-key, and informative; we also provided wine and cheese
      > to facilitate discussion! Budgets permitting, we hope to be able to
      > do the same this year.
      > Please ask from your membership the names of people who might
      > like to lead a discussion about teaching the "Area Studies" of their
      > expertise. Please have them contact me directly, since I will be
      > organizing the round-table this year. I'll need the names and topics
      > in time to make the April 1 meeting deadline for the 2004 meeting.
      > Thank you in advance for helping to promote teaching at the AAAs!
      > Mike Coggeshall
      > raucus@...
      > Anthropology Program
      > Clemson University
      > Clemson, SC 29634

      Be sure to check out the SACC web page at www.anthro.cc (NOTE THE NEW
      ADDRESS!!) for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.
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