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FW: CFP Gender and Television

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  • Ann Popplestone
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      Subject: CFP Gender and Television

      AREA CALL FOR PAPERS: Mexico Meeting of the Popular Culture Association
      in conjunction with the 4th Annual Congress, UDLA
      September 29 =96 October 3, 1999.

      Searching for papers that relate to: GENDER AND TELEVISION

      Television occupies a key position in popular culture studies, as a dis-
      cursive site around which the meanings of the 'masculine' and 'feminine'
      are both contested and transformed. This panel calls for a necessarily
      broad range of papers, using both historical and contemporary examples,
      which attempt to analyse the relation of gender to television in terms of
      the concrete practices of production, signification, 'reading', and

      Papers could attend to, or cut across, any of the issues listed below:

      - ways in which gender is constructed in televisual representations.
      - the impact of gender on cultural perceptions of televisual
      - the relationship between gender and genre.
      - the presence, or absence, of gendered spaces within televisual
      - gender and television advertising.
      - production, gender, and the television industry.
      - the 'gendered audience'.
      - television and the gendering of technology.
      - television, gender and the domestic sphere.
      - consumption, gender and television.
      - television and the construction of gendered 'subjects'.
      - television and gendered cultural competence.



      Anna Gough-Yates, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies
      Media Arts Faculty, Southampton Institute of Higher Education
      East Park Terrace, Southampton SO14 OYN UK

      E-mail: anna.gough-yates@...

      This Area is a strand within the Popular Culture Association meeting in
      Puebla, Mexico. For full information about the conference, check the con-
      ference web site: http://h-net.msu.edu/~pcaaca. [Gets you to introductory

      Under the Mexico banner, click on the word "Venga" and then scroll down
      through the detailed materials. You will find current Area Chairs (with
      more to come); sample panels from last year's meeting in Puebla; finally,
      you will find a registration form with a place to enter your abstract.
      AFTER inspecting all this material contact the appropriate Area Chair;
      if there is no appropriate Area Chair, please contact Peter Rollins.

      The conference takes place on the UDLA campus and is a wonderful experi-
      ence--that is why we are going back for the fourth time!

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