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FW: [ANTHRO-L] 2004 Archeological Prospection workshop

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] 2004 Archeological Prospection workshop

      This is a reminder that the closing date for applications is April 23,
      2004. The workshop is presently half full.

      National Park Service's 2004 Archeological Prospection Workshop

      The National Park Service's 2004 workshop on archeological prospection
      techniques entitled Current Archeological Prospection Advances for
      Non-Destructive Investigations in the 21st Century will be held May
      17-21, 2004, at the Spiro Mounds Archaeological State Park in Spiro,
      Oklahoma. Lodging will be in Fort Smith, Arkansas at the Holiday Inn.
      This will be the fourteenth year of the workshop dedicated to the use of
      geophysical, aerial photography, and other remote sensing methods as
      they apply to the identification, evaluation, conservation, and
      protection of archaeological resources across this Nation. The workshop
      this year will focus on data processing and interpretation in addition
      to the more basic topics involving the theory of operation, methodology,
      and on-hands use of the equipment in the field. There is a tuition
      charge of $475.00. Application forms are available on the Midwest
      Archeological Center's web page at < http://www.cr.nps.gov/mwac/>. For
      further information, please contact Steven L. DeVore, Archeologist,
      National Park Service, Midwest Archeological Center, Federal Building,
      Room 474, 100 Centennial Mall North, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-3873: tel:
      (402) 437-5392, ext. 141; fax:
      (402) 437-5098; email: <steve_de_vore@...>.
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